Sideshow’s Week in Geek: The Umbrella Academy on Netflix!

There is no better time than now to be a geek.

From comics to film to streaming services, more beloved series than ever are being adapted and made more accessible for more viewers, readers, and fans.  Between Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Prime, it’s more than likely that one of your favorite lesser-known books will be turned into a hit series, or you might get the chance to discover some totally new gems!

Earlier in February, Netflix debuted its latest comic book inspired original series The Umbrella Academy, based on a cult-favorite series from Dark Horse Comics.  In this series, a super-dysfunctional family of superheroes must reunite after the mysterious death of their eccentric father- just in time to stop the apocalypse.

Created by Gerard Way and Gabriel Ba, The Umbrella Academy has been a longtime favorite series of many Sideshow staffers, while others are just discovering the delightful madness of the Hargreeves clan.

To celebrate this exciting new series release, we asked Sideshow staffers to share their thoughts on binging The Umbrella Academy on Netflix, reading Gerard Way’s original comic series, their favorite family members, and more…

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Had you heard of The Umbrella Academy before it was announced for Netflix?

“I had heard of The Umbrella Academy, but didn’t know much about it other than the premise. I was really excited when it was announced!” –Bri

“I didn’t know about the show until the announcement, but I have been a reader of The Umbrella Academy comics since the series began.” –Joe

“I had not, but in Netflix we trust.” –Agali

“Nope! I’m a My Chemical Romance fan though and knew Gerard Way was into comics and art, but didn’t really know anything about his own comic series until the Netflix show announcement.” –Kelly

“Yes, I have the first 6 issue limited series comics.” –Jeff

How far did you get into the show?

“Watched all of it!” –Kelly

“I watched all ten episodes on Friday/Saturday in a ten-hour media binge. It was awesome.” –Joe

“I am currently at Ep. 9.” –Jeff

“I am currently on episode 8 out of 10, so it’s getting goooood.” –Agali

“I’m around episode 5 right now.” –Bri

Have you read any of the Umbrella Academy comics? If so, which?

“I’ve read the first two volumes, and I’m currently reading Hotel Oblivion as it comes out. With comics I usually wait until a series is collected into a volume and read them all at once, the only exceptions being Umbrella Academy and the various Spider-Verse issues.” –Joe

“The first 6 comics.” –Jeff

“I’ve read through all of Apocalypse Suite and a little more than half of the Dallas series.” –Kelly

“Unfortunately no, but now I am very interested in reading them.” –Agali

“Nope! I was always interested but just never picked them up for whatever reason. I think after finishing the show I’ll read them. I always find it interesting to watch a show or movie first and read the literature it was based on second. Usually it’s the other way around.” –Bri

What are you enjoying most about the series?

“The mystery behind the siblings and their abilities, and the family drama and secrets.” –Agali

“Cinematography.” –Jeff

“I really like the way the show is filmed! The cinematography has a few great moments. I think they did a good job of showing each character’s individual life, as well as their relationships with one another without crowding the show with too much content. I also read about a few changes that were made between the original comics and the show. I guess I’ll have to read the comics to decide if I think that was a good idea or not!” –Bri

“Number 5’s story and anything dealing with the Commission. The soundtrack has been pretty great, too, the show gets major points for using They Might Be Giants and Queen, two of my favorite bands of all time.” –Joe

“The wacky, wild, and weird characters – they really bring something that feels fresh and new to the whole superhero genre.” –Kelly

Who is your favorite member of the Academy?

“Klaus – he was an overall very interesting character, and I liked seeing his character grow and mature as the show went on.” –Kelly

“Klaus is my favorite. He’s pretty funny, but also oddly relatable. In a dark sort of way.” –Bri

“Klaus! He is definitely a character but also very misunderstood. I can’t wait to see what he accomplishes at the end of the season!” –Agali

“That’s tough, because I like aspects of each one of them. If I had to pick (which I do) I would say Number 5, because he doesn’t have a proper name and his entire long life has been shaped by his powers. He’s the only one that doesn’t even try to have a semi-normal life after the Academy, except for Luther, who just makes me sad.” –Joe

“Can I say Hazel and Cha-Cha…?” –Jeff

Anything else at all you’d like to add?

“Nope! 🙂 Just so many unanswered questions that I hope get answered in the next 3 episodes!” –Agali

“I enjoyed it way more than I thought I would, and wish I hadn’t binged it all in one weekend! :(” –Kelly

“I’m still sussing out how I feel about the show, but I do have issue with how one dimensional everyone feels, even after 9 episodes. Other than a couple of rightly placed pieces, the music has been very generic with a been there and done that feel to it. It’s shot beautifully though and is quirky enough to make a second season interesting if the pace is upped a bit.” –Jeff

“If you’re on the fence about watching the series, just give it a try. It has a slow open, but give it until the end of the second episode and you’ll know if it’s something you’re into. You don’t need to have read the Umbrella Academy comics to enjoy this (although it helps)—that’s it!” –Joe

Big thanks to our Sideshow staffers for sharing their excitement for The Umbrella Academy!  Be sure to check out our last Week in Geek, where the gamers at Sideshow geared up for the exciting release of Kingdom Hearts 3!

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