Smile From Ear to Ear with New Photos of The Joker Calavera Designer Toy

Product Summary:
The Clown Prince of Crime takes on a whole new afterlife as The Joker Calavera designer toy by Jose Pulido!

Artist Statement: My calaveras originally grew from my inspiration from Jose Guadalupe Posada’s work. I really enjoyed his work and particularly the many skeletons that he created. My intent for the Batman designs was to create a modern take on his skeletons using my own artwork style, which fuses Mexican culture with American pop culture.

About the Artist: I’m an artist from southern California. I am both influenced by popular culture and by the Mexican culture that I grew up with. I like to create a fusion between the 2 cultures with my work. It’s important for me for a bit of my heritage to show in my work so the calaveras I create are an important representation of Mexican culture, amongst many other meanings that the calaveras have for me.

The Joker Calavera designer toy by Jose Pulido is limited to an edition size of 750 pieces and is currently in stock- bring home this iconic Batman baddy today!