Important Characters from Marvel’s Star Wars Comics

Marvel’s modern run of Star Wars comic books, from 2015 onward, has brought compelling characters to a galaxy far, far away. They’ve filled planets and pages with their exploits. Some of them are even making their live-action debuts, as we’ve seen recently in The Book of Boba Fett™ Chapter 2, “The Tribes of Tatooine™”.

With Black Krrsantan™ jumping to the small screen, we could anticipate many of the other important beings in his sphere arriving soon in Star Wars television series or film. Below, let’s break down the comics histories of the most important characters that might fit into the live-action universe — and how they’re connected to current and future Star Wars projects.

Black Krrsantan

Considered one of the scariest characters in Star Wars history, the disgraced Wookiee™ — the same species as the beloved Chewbacca™ — called Black Krrsantan was taken from his homeworld Kashyyyk™ and trained by the criminal Xonti Brothers to be a gladiator. As his fearsome reputation and capacity for violence grew, Black Krrsantan became a bounty hunter. That’s where his story really begins.

Black Krrsantan, colloquially known as Black K, was tasked by Jabba the Hutt™ to hunt down the exiled Jedi™ Obi-Wan Kenobi™. Black K lost against Kenobi, who gave Black K the massive scar you see across his eye. Depending on Black K’s importance in the live-action Star Wars world, we could see this grisly duel play out onscreen.

Black K’s next contract was with none other than Darth Vader™. The Sith Lord™ met with Black K and Boba Fett™ — and it seems that The Book of Boba Fett might explore this previous connection. Vader sent Black K to track an unknown agent and Boba Fett to find the X-Wing™ pilot Luke Skywalker™. When Black K finished his mission, he returned willingly to the gladiator pits.

Doctor Aphra™


Chelli Lona Aphra’s™ childhood was fraught with neglect. Her father, obsessed with his research on ancient Jedi civilizations, cared little for his daughter and wife. Chelli’s mother then left with the young girl, but protected and shielded her endlessly, causing Chelli to resent and rebel against societal rules and regulations. After her mother’s death and her separation from her father, Chelli was left with various psychological issues as well as a questionable moral compass.

She later attended university for an archeology doctorate. When she graduated, it was to explore the galaxy using her own archeological methods — many of them illegal or dangerous. Aphra thus scavenged on various planets aboard her ship the Ark Angel. At one point, she was captured by the Empire and witnessed the Death Star’s™ destruction of Leia Organa’s™ home planet Alderaan™.

Aphra hated the Empire from this point onward, and allied herself with Darth Vader to work on assassin droids for his personal protection. She also stole from the Empire under his command as he began to separate personally and politically from Emperor Palpatine™. When he turned against Aphra, she made new friends and found new jobs, though she never stopped respecting and looking out for the Sith Lord.

Aphra goes on many missions with Black Krrsantan. At one point she also manages to convince Luke Skywalker to join her on a quest to retrieve a Rur™ crystal. Additional notable partnerships include her time with the Rebels and Captain Hera Syndulla™, her frequent adventures with her lover Magna Tolvan™, and an uneasy alliance with bounty hunter Bossk™.

Given the timeline of The Book of Boba Fett and the inclusion of Black Krrsantan, it’s possible Doctor Aphra will appear in the show. It is more likely that she could play a bigger role in Kenobi™, in which Darth Vader is already confirmed to appear.

Sana Starros™

Sana Starros attended university with Doctor Aphra, where the two had a brief yet passionate romantic relationship. When the two parted on bad terms, they both went on to do their worst — in the best possible way —as criminals and pilots.

An intelligent and capable smuggler, Sana pursues valuable intel and artifacts. During a mission gone sideways due to the crime syndicate Crimson Dawn™, she enlists the help of Han Solo™ and Chewbacca. However, Sana is more intelligent and cutthroat than the Millennium Falcon’s pilot, and he messes up her missions enough times that she starts to view him as an enemy.

When Han Solo enlists in the Rebel Alliance, Sana hunts him to collect the reward. However, she finds Han and Leia together and the three of them fight against Imperial TIE Fighters™ before leaving together on Sana’s ship, the Volt Cobra. Leia pays Sana to help rescue Luke Skywalker. During this mission, Sana and Aphra are reunited.

Sana Starros continues to work with Han, Leia, Luke, and later Lando Calrissian™. It’s unclear how Sana might fit into the onscreen Star Wars projects at this time, unless she and Doctor Aphra have a better relationship onscreen than in the comics.

BT-1 (BeeTee)™

BT-1 the “Blastomech™” is often described as the “evil R2-D2™.” The assassin droid is discovered floating in space by Doctor Aphra. Dormant and unresponsive, BT-1 can only respond to a dead language which Doctor Aphra cannot decipher. She travels to a quarantine facility to access the droid matrix and awaken this prototype.

After BT-1 awakens, he is immediately hostile toward Doctor Aphra and Darth Vader, who “sliced” — or hacked — the system keeping him asleep. However, 0-0-0™ informs the other droid that these humans are their new masters, and BT-1 calms considerably.

The violent droid accompanies and assists Doctor Aphra on many of her perilous adventures across the galaxy. He is destroyed later, but reanimated to save Aphra’s life. Eventually BT-1 and 0-0-0, equipped with powerful restraining bolts, serve as Darth Vader’s interrogation specialists.

0-0-0 (Triple-Zero)

Although Triple-Zero resembles a protocol droid like C-3pO™, he is far from the polite and helpful droid we know and love. Triple-Zero specializes in etiquette, customs, translation, and torture. He is another long-lost assassin droid who is activated by Doctor Aphra and Darth Vader.

The cunning unit serves Aphra and Vader for some time before his aggression is deemed to be out of control. Vader restrains him and BT-1, keeping them docile. Their memories have also been wiped.

When Aphra is interrogated by them, she frees the pair and takes them to a stolen Imperial ship. As part of her plan to fake her own death, she also gives the ship to the droids. BT-1 and Triple-0 are then free to see everything in the galaxy on their own terms.

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