10 Stocking Stuffers to Fluff & Fill Your Gift List

As the time for gift giving approaches, the Sideshow Gift Guides have you covered when it comes to pop culture. And if you’re looking for some list-minute purchases, or items to really round out your holiday haul, you might need some present or wish list ideas. That’s why we’ve created this Stocking Stuffer Holiday Gift Guide for the 2021 season. From apparel to vinyl collectibles and more, you can find something unique for any fan.

Plus, all these featured items are available now and ready to ship, so you can be the bearer of the best small gifts this year.

Raised by Comics T-Shirt

For the friend who never has enough T-shirts, consider the Raised by Comics T-shirt by Sideshow. Comfortable and bursting with comic book action, it’s the perfect way to wear your fandom with pride. We recommend a matching set for the whole family.

Einstein Mag Pup Vinyl Toy

Surely there’s someone in your life who is an animal adorer. Combine their love for the Back to the Future franchise and paw-some pups with the Einstein Mag Pup Vinyl Collectible by 3D Retro. Then, Einstein can be Doc Brown’s companion as well as your BFFs!

The One Ring Necklace

Chocolates and gift cards make excellent stocking stuffers, but if you have an extra picky, extra classy person to impress, try The One Ring™ (Gollum™ Gold) Necklace by Badali Jewelry. For Lord of the Rings fans, this is the One Ring to rule all the gifts. Just watch out for that thieving Gollum.

Darth Vader™ Magnet

This Darth Vader Reveal Deluxe Magnet Set by Regal Robot will make as much of an impact on your gift recipient as that iconic scene did on Star Wars™ fans. A subtle and elegant way to display a unique Star Wars collectible, this Darth Vader™ magnet will fit right into a collection, home, office, or fridge.

BT21 Travel Mug

This winter is already pretty chilly! Warm hearts and hands alike with the BT21 Travel Mug by Paladone, which combines the most adorable stars in the universe with a container to hold your BT21 and BTS-loving besties’ favorite hot drinks. They can use this travel mug at home or to take it with them on their drive to a holiday get-together.

Star Trek Bottle Opener

Got buddies thirsty for Romulan ale or Aldebaran whiskey? Help them loosen up the holidays with a Communicator Badge Bottle Opener by Factory Entertainment. Inspired by Star Trek: The Next Generation, this heavy-duty bottle opener can certainly crack open bottled libations from any stardate!

Court of the Dead: Dark Harvest Playing Cards

For your family members who like to double the holidays with game night, bring the Court of the Dead: Dark Harvest Playing Cards by Skybound Games. A bidding and bluffing game (for 3-6 players) set in the dark fantasy universe of the Court of the Dead, the Dark Harvest card game promises entertainment and amazing art for hours of engaging play.

Hellboy Holiday Ornament

The most seasonal option on our stocking stuffer list, the Hellboy Holiday Ornament by Dark Horse Comics is the perfect shade of red to match your friend’s tree. Or, gift him to sit beside the flames of some lit candles — the display options are endless, and any Hellboy fan will appreciate this Mike Mignola inspired ornament.

Kingdom Hearts Keyblade Set

These important Kingdom Hearts weapons have been scaled down and presented by Bandai as the Keyblade Collection that includes a Kingdom Key, Ultima Weapon, Bond of Flame, Photon Debugger, Circle of Life, and a Monochrome. If you have friends or siblings who like video games as well as decorating their rooms and backpacks, this is the perfect stocking stuffer.

Batarang Letter Opener

Whether your gift recipient is slicing open a hot lead or a cold case, this Batarang Letter Opener by Royal Selangor will add mystery and intrigue to even the mundane activity of opening mail. Plus, giving it to a DC Comics fan guarantees they can start changing their office into Batman’s Batcave, so that’s almost like a double gift!

Are you considering any of these stocking stuffers for the upcoming holidays? Let us know in the comments, and don’t forget to Let Your Geek Sideshow!

By Jasmine Edwards

Pop culture and Shakespeare enthusiast who probably spends too much time writing about fictional characters, analyzing Tenet, and stanning BTS. Find me on Twitter @JasEdwards13.