The Alltaker Fine Art Screenprint by Artist Florian Bertmer

“Life meets with Death. Light meets with Dark. And the Celestials shall meet my rebellion.”
– Death, The Alltaker

Sideshow presents The Alltaker Fine Art Screenprint by artist Florian Bertmer. The print features Death, the Alltaker, a character from Sideshow’s original dark fantasy horror property, the Court of the Dead.

Death. The Grim Reaper. The Alltaker of Life. Though he is known by many names, the leader of the Underworld has but one purpose: To end the war between the corrupt realms of Heaven and Hell. But to end their war, his rebellion must grow in secret — a secret that costs him countless mortal souls.

In The Alltaker Fine Art Screenprint, Bertmer’s unique Art Nouveau style uses complex geometric patterns and whimsical colors to capture Death in a moment of reflection, overwhelmed by the duality of his dark deed. He stands framed by an otherworldly depiction of the Tree of Life atop a mountain of skulls. His left hand glows with blue and green power derived from mortal souls, and his right hand holds the Scythe that claimed it.

Meet with Death by adding The Alltaker Fine Art Screeprint to your Court of the Dead collection.

Pre-orders for the The Alltaker Fine Art Screeprint will begin on Friday, August 28th between 9am-12pm PT. The Unframed Edition will be priced at $75 USD. The Framed Edition will be priced at $260 USD.