The Best Star Wars Collectible Gifts For Every Fan!

Star Wars collectibles come in all different shapes and sizes, from Star Wars Fine Art Prints to Star Wars Life-Size Figures, and everything in between. And while there are countless Star War collectibles, it can be difficult to decide which one is the best for you.

Prequels, sequels, and originals- there is something for every Star Wars fan out there! This article will help you find the very best Star Wars collectible to suit your interests.

Star Wars Jewelry

There is something very subtle about Star Wars jewelry that lets you proclaim your love for a galaxy far, far away and look stylish! Some jewelry is indistinguishable from regular jewelry, like the C-3PO Gold Watch that could blend in with any outfit or any style. You can carry around your favorite character in secret!

But if you’re feeling bold, you can show off with Jawa Earrings or a Cloud City Planetary Medallion! They’re great conversation starters, and they’re both inexpensive, functional, and fashionable ways to bring your fandom with you.

Star Wars Replicas

Some fans don’t want to be subtle. No, they want to display their Star Wars replicas for all to see. Replicas are a way for you to bring a piece of the galaxy into your home.

The AT-M6 Walker Replica manages to be affordable while maintaining the level of detail and quality that a collector deserves.

Star Wars Helmets

While we may never get the chance to fly around in our own personal TIE fighters, Star Wars helmets let us feel like we’re still a part of the action. Feel the rush of wind against you while being protected by the safety technology of the Empire and the Rebellion.

Star Wars Sixth Scale Figures

A fandom is nothing without the characters that tie us to the story. Star Wars sixth scale figures let you connect with the characters you love, and interact with them in an all new and exciting way. You get to pose them, decide their movements, and become a part of the storytelling of the saga.

When you’re holding these beautifully sculpted figure, and feeling the texture of the fabrics, you are suddenly immersed in this world. When you pose your Sixth Scale Figure, you are suddenly a part of this world, and the stories that you put in motion come to life.

Star Wars Life Size Busts

Star Wars life-size busts command a presence and a respect in your home. There is something beautiful and powerful about coming face to face with a life-size version of an icon like Darth Vader or Kylo Ren.

These are for collectors that passionate about the art and accuracy of the Star Wars Universe. It is always shocking to bring a character directly into your reality, but there is no way to experience it until you are in front of a life-size bust in your collection.

Different kinds of Star Wars collectors need different kinds of Star Wars collectibles, and different people want to express their appreciation for the source material in different ways. There’s no wrong way to be a geek, and there’s no wrong way to Let Your Geek Sideshow!

What’s your favorite Star Wars movie?