The Dark Tower Trailer is Here!

In a world of superheroes, there is only one Gunslinger.

The Dark Tower movie has just gotten an official trailer for its August 4th release and it is chilling! Based on the novel series by Stephen King, the film follows the story of the Gunslinger (Idris Elba) as he pursues the Man in Black (Matthew McConaughey).

This trailer is the first official look at the film, and shows a young child named Jake Chambers (Tom Taylor) as his visions of an alternate dimension come to pass and he meets the mysterious Gunslinger. Together, they traverse Mid-World and search for the titular Dark Tower.  Their journey will not be easy, as Elba’s character describes their foe as “worse than the Devil”. The film looks like an exciting adaptation of this sprawling epic and promises viewers that there are other worlds than these.

Watch the trailer now!

What do you think of this trailer? Will you be seeing The Dark Tower when it releases this August?