The Mandalorian: The Child’s Best Moments

The Child is by far one of the most notable Star Wars icons in recent years, referred to by fans the world-over as “Baby Yoda”. There is something impossibly adorable and intriguing about this character, who comes from Jedi Master Yoda’s mysterious (and still unnamed!) species. And instead of trying to figure out exactly why we adore this mysterious alien so much, we’re just going to adore him!

And while pretty much every moment with the Child is incredible (and meme-worthy), these are some of the best moments from The Mandalorian Season 1 on Disney+.

Drinking Soup on Sorgan

The Child gets a bit of bone broth at the local market when the Mandalorian goes off to fight against Cara Dune. Din Djarin (the Mando himself) tosses a coin to a woman saying, “Keep an eye on the kid.” The woman clearly did a bad job because the Child wanders off anyway!

In the middle of their fight, just as the Mandalorian and Cara Dune are caught in a stalemate, the Child stands there quietly sipping the soup from a cup almost too big for his hands. This might be one of the most precious scenes in the entire show.

Eating a Frog on Sorgan

Was it gross? Well, all the kids on Sorgan seemed to think that is was both gross and cute. Let’s face the facts, fans; this was adorable. (But not as fun for the frog.) The kids loved it so much that they gave the Child new animals to eat!

It also made us realize something particularly interesting — we have no idea what the Child eats. And we don’t know what Yoda’s race really enjoys at all! Each of these little moments revealed a new aspect of this mysterious creature to fans.

Stealing the Razor Crest Shift Knob

On road trips, some children shout, “Are we there yet?!” and some children kick the front seat, but the Child just wanted something to hold onto, content just having the silver shift knob from the Razor Crest in the palm of his hand.

Maybe the Mandalorian decided to finally let the Child just have it, but in this moment we got to see the Mandalorian’s soft side from behind his stoic armor. No matter what it is, the Child clearly deserves to have the silver shift knob.

Force Lifting the Mudhorn

We had seen the Child attempt to use the force before, raising his three-fingered hand in an attempt to Force-heal the Mandalorian, but seeing the true potential of his power was incredible. It was completely unexpected when the Child raised the charging Mudhorn up in the air and saved the Mandalorian’s life.

The Mandalorian and the Child form a strong bond in that moment. Sure, the young alien passed out right away, but that only emphasized how much effort this took. The Child’s power was clear, and we only wanted more of it.

The First Reveal

There was nothing as shocking and powerful as the reveal in the very first episode of The Mandalorian. Seeing this 50-year-old alien child send chills down our spines, and many Star Wars fans (definitely not me though) burst into tears.

This moment was intense to say the least. We didn’t know if IG-11 had shot his target, or if somehow The Mandalorian miraculously saved the Child. The fans decided the very moment that we saw the Child that we’d do anything to protect him. The Mandalorian and The Child are officially fan favorites.

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