The Orko Statue Brings Magic to the Masters of the Universe Collection!

Magic, don’t fail me now!

Designed and developed in partnership with Tweeterhead, we are proud to present the newest magical addition in the Masters of the Universe collection, the Orko Statue!  The mystical MOTU statue had a dazzling debut at NYCC 2017, and now collectors will have their opportunity to add Orko to their own collections.

Chad Colebank from Tweeterhead explained his inspiration for adding Orko to the MOTU line, “As a child, Orko was always one of my favorite characters, and I was excited to bring him into the alternative Masters of the Universe world that Sideshow has created.  We thought it would be interesting to show a serious side to Orko. Although he is a light-hearted character, a magic user in Sideshow’s more fantasy inspired version of the Masters of the Universe could be a serious threat as well.

Measuring 14.5” tall, the resin Orko Statue captures the Trollan hero in a moment of successful spellcasting. With an ornate wand in hand, Orko levitates as a plume of magic billows from his base inspired by the halls of Castle Grayskull.

Known as Orko the Great on his homeworld, the Trollan has been given a stylish aesthetic update featuring intricately detailed armor bearing his iconic “O” symbol. Orko is wearing his iconic red robes, sculpted to show fluttering movement as he hovers. A pointed hat and purple scarf conceal his face as is customary of the secretive Trollans, and decorative rings and magic pouches complete the spellcaster’s signature look.

The Orko Statue stands in scale with the other statues in the Masters of the Universe collection. Pair Orko with the He-Man Statue and give Prince Adam a powerful ally in your MOTU display.

The Exclusive edition of the Orko Statue features an exclusive swap-out hand holding an open spellbook, the pages of which include some Masters of the Universe Easter eggs for the most eagle-eyed spellcasters.

Add a little magic to your Masters of the Universe collection. Pre-Order the Orko Statue today!

Pre-orders for the Orko Statue begin on Thursday, January 25th between 12pm-3pm PT.  The Exclusive edition will be priced at $265.00, and the Collector edition will be priced at $260.00.

Artist Credits:

  • Design: Nate Baertsch
  • Sculpt: Matt Black
  • Mold and Cast: Mike Allen
  • Paint: Mireya Romo-Bowen