The Star Wars Show visits Sideshow!

Our friends at the Star Wars Show visited Sideshow HQ last week. They hung out with our project managers Kevin and Mike, talked about Rey, BB-8 and Jyn Erso – and got an exclusive first look at our new K2-S0 Premium Format Figure!

The Star Wars Show’s host, Anthony Carboni, was able to see several of our upcoming Star Wars Collectible Premium Format™ pieces, including:

Our beautiful new Jyn Erso Premium Format™ Figure, with her new EXCLUSIVE head sculpt!

Jyn is available for pre-order now!

The recently unveiled Rey Premium Format Figure, with her updated portrait

Coming Soon!

first look at the BB-8 Premium Format Figure and his light-up features!

Coming Soon!

An exclusive first look at the upcoming K2-S0 Premium Format Figure

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