The Swamp Thing Maquette Emerges from the Mire

I am a ghost out of time. Condemned to a moment that is far beyond the world of clocks and calendars and the rhythms of nature…

The Avatar of the Green arises! Sideshow is proud to present a shambling shadow of the swamplands- the Swamp Thing Maquette.

Sculptor Paul Komoda explains, “This is my homage to the what the artists Stephen Bissette and John Totleben had created. I love their particular take on the character, and I hadn’t seen it done ever before sculpturally. I felt it was my duty to manifest it in this particular form.”

The Swamp Thing Maquette measures 24” tall on an environmental polystone base designed to emulate the muck and mire from which he has emerged. There is a clear water feature beneath his feet, as well as a muddy embankment with trees and various swamp fauna.

Swamp Thing has an intricate tangle of vines, roots, and tendrils emerging from his body, capturing the movement of his ever-changing natural form that balances humanoid musculature with living, growing vegetation. His sturdy body is made with vinyl, with PVC for his smaller parts to capture and preserve the immense detail in each layer of his form.

The tuberous growths on Swamp Thing’s back are a reference to the hallucinogenic sweet potatoes the character produces in the comics. His entire body is painstakingly painted in a variety of earthen tones, giving depth and texture to each of the various plants that make up his form.

The Exclusive edition of the Swamp Thing Maquette includes Cranius of the Un-Men, measuring 4” tall atop a proximity base that can be displayed near Swamp Thing for an enhanced environment. Cranius himself is cast in translucent vinyl, giving this formidable foe of Swamp Thing a sickly, fleshy appearance.

Swamp Thing can be a gentle soul, or a terrifying sight to behold! Capture the essence of this elemental avatar and add the Swamp Thing Maquette to your collection today.

Pre-Orders for the Swamp Thing Maquette will begin on Friday, October 27th at 9am PT.  The Exclusive edition will be priced at $820.00 and the Collector edition will be priced at $800.00.