The tragic tale and shocking end of this collector’s wallet

Geek Girl Diva

Everyone knows about the fun side of collecting: the thrill of the hunt, the race to be among the first to pre-order, the joy of finding something you thought you’d never find, the endorphin rush that comes from acquisition.

But no one really talks about the dark side of being a collector.

No one talks about the very real casualties.

No one talks about the wallets.

Taken for granted, collector’s wallets are pushed to the brink of their leather, (or plastic, or tyvek). They are tapped, time and time again, all to acquire that next must-have figure, or limited edition collector’s item. Until it’s just too much.

Daniel Svec’s wallet is one such casualty. On Facebook he relayed the entire tragic tale:

Got home a few minutes ago, a horrible smell in the air, and I found this in the kitchen…

I forgot my laptop on and had just made a list of everything I have on preorder, mostly 20% deposit payed at this point. I didn’t need Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson to figure out that by the looks of things, my wallet found the list… and then proceeded to take its own life. ‪#‎onesixthlifeismerciless‬

We hope Daniel can rebuild his wallet (bigger, stronger, faster) or, at the very least, give this one the honorable burial it deserves. But we gotta say, that is one kickass wishlist.