The Witcher: Who Is King Eredin?

Eredin Bréacc Glas, also known as Sparrowhawk, and more commonly referred to as King of the Wild Hunt or King Eredin, is the immortal commander of an elven calvary called the Wild Hunt. He is the main antagonist in the fantasy video game The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Eredin is also the ultimate enemy standing in the way of Geralt of Rivia’s peace. But what makes him such a formidable opponent? What does Eredin want from the witchers? Explore this villain’s history and motivations below.

Red Rider

Not much is known about Eredin’s youth; his story starts when he becomes a soldier. As a skilled magician, he is appointed leader of the Aen Elle elven Red Riders by King Auberon Muircetach. Eredin’s ability to access the Gate of the Worlds enables him to lead his riders on raids to other realms, where they procure human slaves. Due to their ghastly reputation, the Red Riders alter their appearances to be even more menacing by obscuring their faces, wearing skeletal armor, and altering their voices.

King of the Wild Hunt

Eredin soon discovers the homeworld of the Aen Seidhe elves, though it is controlled by the humans for which he holds much contempt. Eredin thus leads a series of raids upon the world, kidnapping young children and slaughtering the older inhabitants. This violence earns the Red Riders the new name of “the Wild Hunt.” Because Eredin is their leader, the humans call him the King of the Wild Hunt. He readily accepts this title.

Eventually Eredin and his elven brethren are displaced by the Conjunction of the Spheres. This cataclysm impacts the entire Multiverse, halting travel in between worlds as well as displacing many “unnatural” creatures and chaos/magic in the natural dimension. While the realms intersect and plunge into disorder, Eredin looks to alternative ways of traveling. He and the Wild Hunt begin to use spectral forms and haunt the skies as a cavalcade of specters.

King of the Aen Elle

In the year 1267, the Wild Hunt sensed the presence of an individual with potent elder blood. Elder blood is associated with a lineage of powerful magic wielders, and Eredin seeks to bring that power to the Aen Elle so they can once more access the Gate of the Worlds. He sets out to capture the source: Princess Ciri of Cintra.

Once she is captured, Eredin keeps her hostage with an unthinkable ultimatum that she bear King Auberon’s children. In his attempts to achieve that proposed outcome, Eriden causes King Auberon’s death, and then Eredin takes the Tir ná Lia throne. Ciri escapes Eredin’s clutches in the upheaval that follows his ascension.

Only when his subjects are threatened by the White Frost — an apocalyptic eternal winter — does Eredin resume his hunt for Ciri, because only she can create a portal strong enough to transport all of the Aen Elle to the Aen Seidhes’ homeworld. Knowing he cannot defeat Ciri head-on, Eredin devises a clever plot to capture her adoptive parents Geralt of Rivia and Yennefer of Vengerberg instead. However, Ciri rescues Geralt from the Wild Hunt and Eredin must resume his chase.

Defeat and Death

Eredin relentlessly pursues Ciri. He suffers a humiliating retreat at the Battle of Kaer Morhen. Just days after, his viceroys and governing allies in Tir ná Lia learn of his regicide and refuse to aid Eredin in further battles. Desperate, Eredin falls into a trap set by Ciri and Geralt. He and Geralt fight aboard a sinking ship until Geralt stabs Eredin through his eye. Once the final, fatal blow is dealt, Eredin tells the Witcher that they’ve both been manipulated. He dies with this confession as his last words.

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