Thor and the Asgardian Family Tree

The Asgardians are notoriously some of the most powerful and well known gods throughout the Marvel Universe, mostly notably because of the God of Thunder, Thor. And Thor’s adopted brother, Loki, is one of the most well-known villains in the Marvel Universe!

But Thor’s family tree spreads far and wide, reaching some of the most powerful people in the entire Marvel Universe, much like the way that mighty Yggdrasil reaches every corner of the ten realms. So let’s shake things up, look into Thor’s roots, and see which powerful people fall from the branches.

Note: This list certainly isn’t comprehensive. We’re focusing on just a few notable characters.

Odin, God of Wisdom

Odin Borson is Thor’s father, and the God of Wisdom. Odin is the All-Father, with powers great and varied. His origin is mysterious, but like all Asgardians, he extends his life with the golden life-extending fruits grown only in Asgard by goddess Idunn. He has been around for over a million years, making his mark on the world and creating a beautiful and powerful family.

Many of his powers are purely biological, since Asgardians have greater power than humans. And yet, Odin has powers beyond most Asgardians, in part due to his mastery of a power called the Odinforce. The Odinforce allows Odin to manipulate massive amounts of magical energy that grant him abilities as massive as transporting the entire human race to an alternate dimension, or even defeating the Silver Surfer and Thanos simultaneously.

Cul, God of Fear

Cul Borson is Thor’s uncle, the God of Fear, and Odin’s older brother. He is known as the Serpent, and he has spread fear throughout the ten realms on many an occasion. He aimed to take his place on the throne, but ultimately fell to his brother Odin. Leading up to the War of the Realms, he even deposed Odin, using his power as captain of the Thunder Guards to take the throne while Odin remained in his legendary Odinsleep.

Cul has an incredible ability to manipulate magic similar to, but nowhere near as powerful as, the Odinforce. He is also able to augment his strength and abilities by feeding off of fear itself. The more fear he can pull from, the more powerful he is.

Gaea, Goddess of Earth

Gaea is Thor’s real mother, though he was not raised by her. She is an Elder God who materialized on Earth before any other life. Gaea is connected with the great and mystical powers of the Earth and nature itself. She is able to draw from the spiritual energy of all living beings on Earth, since they all share a part of her life-force. She is a goddess that is connected with the planet. She is connected with growth, harvest, and renewal.

Gaea is impossibly powerful. She can control nature and the formation of the Earth. She can change forms, heal, and even grant powers to sorcerers and heroes. She is Thor’s true mother, and met Odin as he came to Earth the first time.

Freyja, Goddess of Marriage

Thor was not raised by Gaea though, he was raised by Odin’s wife Freyja (also called Frigga). She is the All-Mother and the Goddess of Marriage. She is protective and powerful, and even made her son Balder nigh-invulnerable. She did this to protect him, because prophecies foretold that his Death would be the beginning of Ragnarok. So she protected him against all things except mistletoe.

Thor’s Mother is a powerful sorceress, capable of transforming matter and altering energies. She has healing abilities and protective spells at the ready. This is all on top of her superior Vanir abilities as well. The Vanir are a sister race to the Aesir (Asgardians), and are incredibly similar to them in physiology and godlike power.

Balder, God of Light

Thor’s stepbrother is Balder, the God of Light. He was protected by Freyja’s spell, invulnerable and incapable of dying, save for being harmed by mistletoe. When Loki learned of this, he used his trickery to kill Balder and begin the downfall of Asgard. Of course, few characters in comics stay dead, and he returned to his adventures not long after (as did Asgard, until it was destroyed again…).

Balder has all the powers granted to him by Asgardian physiology, and as the God of Light he also able to manipulate and create beams of light strong and hot enough to melt through Frost Giants and their frozen fortresses.

Angela, Warrior of Heven

Aldrif Odinsdottir is the firstborn of Odin and Freyja, and Thor’s stepsister. She was just a child when a war broke out between Asgard and the 10th Realm of Heven. She was kidnapped and seemingly killed by the Queen of Angels. Odin responded by cutting Heven’s connection to the other 9 realms, which brought the Marvel Universe closer with classic Norse cosmology. But Aldrif wasn’t dead. She was stolen and raised as an Angel Warrior and an Asgardian Hunter.

She has rejected her history as both an Angel and an Asgardian, but her powers are that of an Asgardian goddess. She is quicker than lightning and stronger than most, especially as the firstborn of Odin and Freyja. She can fly through unknown means, and she can survive in the vacuum of space.

Tyr, God of War

Tyr is Thor’s stepbrother and Odin’s eldest son. He is the God of War, known for his courage and anger. He was there when Aldrif was stolen from Asgard. At one point, the gods wanted to shackle the powerful wolf Fenris, but the beast was too strong to be kept against his will. He only agreed to be shackled by someone brave enough to put their hand in his mouth. Tyr was the only god willing. He was unflinching. He shackled Fenris, and lost his hand in the process.

He has Asgardian blood, and so he has superior strength and speed like many Asgardians do. And though he has the ability to heal and regenerate, he cannot regenerate full limbs or his hand ever again. Still, he is Asgard’s best strategist and greatest archer.

Loki, God of Mischief

Loki was raised alongside Thor. He is not an Asgardian, but a Frost Giant of Jotunn descent. However, Odin adopted young Loki and raised him in Asgard during an Asgardian conquest of the frozen realm. Even still, Thor and Loki were compared to one another their entire lives, and this made Loki jealous and eager for revenge. He has always been eager for the downfall of Asgard and Thor himself. He is in no small part responsible for triggering Ragnarok, the end of Asgard, since he killed Balder.

As a Frost Giant, Loki is imbued with the strength and durability comparable to any Asgardian. His true powers lie in his mastery of sorcery of all kinds. He is a powerful magician, known for casting illusions that could fool entire cities or even powerful cosmic entities. The limits of his power are unknown, and he is a terrible and formidable foe.

Family is complicated. And while Thor doesn’t always get along with his family (I’m lookin’ at you Loki), he cares about them immensely. He fights for his family and for all Asgardians, as well as the mortals who worship their kind as gods.

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