Top Five Must-Have 3D Puzzles for Geeks

When you watch a show, the mystery of the plot reveals itself, and eventually, all the pieces of the puzzle come together to form one bigger picture. But with a 3D puzzle, the viewer gets to interact with the world in a way like no other, physically building the pieces of the world right before their very eyes.

These incredibly unique and deluxe puzzle sets are a challenge for your mind and hands, sure to provide hours of entertainment- plus, they are currently in-stock on our website, which means you can transport yourself into your favorite fictional settings faster than sending a raven to King’s Landing or waiting for an owl with your Hogwarts acceptance letter.

If you’re looking to entertain yourself and dive into the worlds of your favorite movies and television series, check out these top five must have 3D puzzles for geeks!

Hogwarts – Great Hall 3D Puzzle

This Great Hall 3D Puzzle has 850 pieces, each backed with 1/4″ foam to make it sturdy and ready to stand the test of time. Each section can be built flat, and sorted (almost like Hogwarts Houses!) then assembled together to create a puzzle that’s ideal for displaying in your home.

Explore the grounds of Hogwarts, sit down for a game of Gobstones in the courtyard, and immerse yourself in this highly detailed environment that you’ve built yourself! What’s more is that this Hogwarts Great Hall 3D Puzzle doesn’t have to be displayed alone…

Hogwarts – Astronomy Tower 3D Puzzle

The Hogwarts Astronomy Tower 3D Puzzle makes a perfect compliment to the Great Hall 3D Puzzle. The tower actually has 875 individual pieces, ready to be organized and meticulously placed to assemble the dazzling blue-grey spires of this castle. The Hogwarts Astronomy Tower 3D Puzzle rises even higher than the Great Hall 3D Puzzle.

And if you need more to match your Hogwarts collection, they look incredible next to the whole book collection. Or perhaps you need more puzzles!

Game of Thrones- Winterfell 3D Puzzle

The Ancestral Castle of the seat of power of House Stark, Westeros’ capital of the North, Winterfell itself! There are many mysteries hidden in the walls of this ancient manor, and you get to put them all together yourself in the Winterfell 3D Puzzle.

There are 910 puzzles pieces detailed with stonework and snow graphics, each contributing to one of the most iconic castles in geek culture. Don’t forget to fly the flag of House Stark and pledge your allegiance to the kings in the North.

Game of Thrones- The Red Keep 3D Puzzle

Game of Thrones fans, rejoice, for there is more than just one puzzle for you as well. Return to the home of the Iron Throne, the residence of the King of the Andals and the First Men, with this detailed and extensive puzzle challenge.

Yes, you can construct The Red Keep 3D Puzzle with 845 individual pieces, each high detailed to make a beautiful replica and display. Just beware of any rogue dragons looking to burn down your hard work once you’ve rightfully claimed the throne.

Downton Abbey 3D Puzzle

The Crawley Family and their servants can not be summarized, nor trivialized, but their elegant and regal castle can be built in the Downtown Abbey 3D Puzzle. 890 individual pieces can be snugly assembled in a dutiful replica to bring their world into your own home.

The architecture is as beautiful as can be, detailed down to the very brick and mortar- just be sure to get Downton in tip-top shape before taking any royal visitors! This puzzle is done best with a spot of tea to sip while you work. (Pre-orders expected to arrive between April-June 2020.)

Bonus: Court of the Dead: The Dark Shepherd’s Reflection Puzzle

Perhaps you’ve had enough 3D Puzzles. Allow me to offer you something equally enticing and engaging. Enter the Underworld with the Court of the Dead: The Dark Shepherd’s Reflection Puzzle, featuring 1,000 pieces that unite to reveal a glimpse into the story of Death and his rebellion against Heaven and Hell.

With lush colors and a detailed image, this premium puzzle makes a unique challenge and enticing experience for horror and fantasy fans alike.

No glue is required for these puzzles, just a keen eye and a vivid imagination! The easy-to-handle 3D puzzles created by Wrebbit Puzzles Inc. will delight and entertain you while you work to assemble the full majesty of your favorite fictional castles, keeps, and estates.

Which 3D Puzzle is your favorite? Don’t forget to stay safe and Stay InsideShow!