How Werewolf By Night Sets Up for Supernatural MCU

In the spirit of the season, Marvel released Werewolf By Night on October 7, a Halloween special featuring Jack Russell and Elsa Bloodstone. These two monster hunters competed in a contest to determine the next bearer of the Bloodstone.

For many fans, Werewolf By Night is a departure from the MCU’s normal visual style and thematic tone. But underneath the grainy black-and-white finish, this story reveals the new directions that the Marvel Cinematic Universe could explore. There’s a supernatural side to Marvel that’s full of dark intrigue, so here are some gems from Werewolf By Night that hint at where the MCU could be headed next.

Warning! Spoilers ahead.

Werewolf By Night Easter Eggs

If you’re fluent in Latin, then Werewolf By Night certainly provided many opportunities to pause and decipher old texts. For those of us who had to rely on Google, here are some rough translations that are especially interesting:

  • The opening text that describes the death of Ulysses Bloodstone not only hints that Ulysses isn’t the original bearer of the Bloodstone (Ulysses is the “seventh son,” a popular magical trope) but that Ulysses was killed on the full moon. Hmm … seems like we know somebody who’s real active on the full moon.
  • As Jack enters the chamber, artwork along the walls depicts past monster hunters and the beasts they brought down. One of these monsters looks suspiciously similar to Thor’s enemy Gorr the God Butcher as he appears in Marvel comics. The Latin text “extremum vitae spiritum edere” means to “give up the ghost.” Fitting for Gorr, or someone else from his world, if you think about it.

Also important to note is that Jack refers to the hunted monster by name, “Ted.” This is a reference to Man-Thing’s name as a human, which was Dr. Theodore “Ted” Sallis.

Werewolf By Night’s Old Hollywood Style Choices

Of course, Werewolf By Night also pays homage to the classic Universal monster movies, particularly The Wolf Man. Jack’s first werewolf appearance, as he emerges from the cage, is stylized straight out of the old monster film. Plus, the Bloodstones’ servant bears resemblance to Frankenstein’s assistant Igor. From a warbling gramophone to wolfish silhouettes, Werewolf By Night looks and sounds like a classic film. And without giving too much away, there’s even an intriguing reference to The Wizard of Oz.

All the Monsters in Werewolf By Night

Werewolf By Night establishes a collective of monster hunters. This organization was led by Ulysses Bloodstone but in the wake of his death, a new leader was needed. Hence, the monster hunting contest. Aside from Jack Russell and Elsa Bloodstone, there were four other monster hunters competing for the Bloodstone: Jovan, Liorn, Azarel, and Barasso.


Along the walls of the hunters’ chamber, the heads of various monster trophies were hung. Among the monsters seen, there were grotesque vampires, a wendigo, a sasquatch, and others. Some of the introduction’s artwork also featured a Bloodstone ancestor fighting a sasquatch-type creature.

Marvel readers will know that Sasquatch, AKA Walter Langkowski, was a member of the Canadian government’s super hero team Alpha Flight. He was a scientist who wanted to be like Hulk and experimented with gamma radiation, leading to his monstrous transformation. Other members of Alpha Flight included Snowbird, Talisman, and for a time, Wolverine.

Marvel’s Blade and other Vampires in the MCU

Werewolf By Night is actually the second recent MCU project to feature a vampire — third if you include Morbius. First, a vampire is part of Emil Blonsky’s wellness retreat in episode 7 of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law. While the other group members might scoff at this man’s bloodthirsty affliction, it’s not officially stated that he isn’t actually a vampire. And now, of course, Werewolf By Night confirms that vampires are real within some part of the MCU. In fact, there are many creatures within the MCU that go bump in the night — if you know where to look.

Elsewhere in the comics, vampires run rampant as a blight upon Marvel’s heroes. Storm and Jubilee of the X-Men were turned into vampires for a time and Moon Knight’s assistant is a vampire named Reese. Marvel’s most famous vampire, Blade, is also set to make his MCU debut in the next few years. Currently, production on Blade is paused. Bassam Tariq was set to direct Blade but now Marvel Studios is looking for a new director. Perhaps Werewolf By Night’s Michael Giacchino will step in?


While most viewers might assume that Werewolf By Night takes place in the MCU universe we’re familiar with, that might not be the case. Man-Thing’s presence makes a compelling argument that Werewolf By Night could actually be set somewhere else in the Multiverse.

Man-Thing guards the Nexus of All Realities, meaning he is connected to the Multiverse. It’s possible that Werewolf By Night is an alternate universe. Sometime in the future, Man-Thing might even transport Jack Russell and Elsa Bloodstone to meet the MCU’s super heroes.

What’s Next for Werewolf By Night and the Supernatural MCU?

Now that Elsa is in control of the Bloodstone, the monster hunting world is certainly headed for a shift in direction. And Jack Russell’s still-mysterious background leaves a lot of questions. What did he mean by honoring his ancestors through his facial marks? Jack does speak Spanish at one point, calling the other hunters esbirros (goons).

Plus, Man-Thing is now a monster set free. In the comics, Man-Thing is connected to magic and super heroes. Boy-Thing, who was grown from a clipping of Man-Thing, joins Blade and the Avengers. He even creates wooden stakes for Blade! Another of Man-Thing’s offspring, Toth, is a student at Doctor Strange’s Strange Academy. Over in the MCU, we saw America Chavez begin her magical training at Kamar-Taj in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. It would seem that magic and the supernatural are on the rise in the world of Marvel.

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