What’s Coming Out on Free Comic Book Day 2022

It’s May and you know what that means: Free Comic Book Day! Every year, FCBD is held on the first Saturday of May. This year, FCBD will be on Saturday, May 7.

Not sure where to head to when celebrating FCBD? Use Sideshow’s Store Locator to find a local comic book store that also sells Sideshow products — because why hold back? It’s Free Comic Book Day!

Read on to find out some of the special edition titles coming out on FCBD that you don’t want to miss.

Marvel: Avengers/X-Men #1Marvel’s Voices #1Spider-Man/Venom #1

Marvel’s FCBD titles include a preview of the major upcoming crossover event, Judgment Day, in which the X-Men, the Avengers, and the Eternals will all converge in a showdown that’s been years in the making. Plus, a new hero will be introduced, Bloodline, in Avengers/X-Men #1!

Other FCBD titles from Marvel are Marvel’s Voices #1, an anthology collecting stories that celebrate a wide range of identities, cultures, and communities. Then, in Spider-Man/Venom #1, Spider-Man’s 60th anniversary brings together Spidey, an ominous new plot for power by Tombstone, and new developments in Venom’s nebulous backstory.

DC: Dark Crisis Special Edition #0

The Justice League boasts some of the Multiverse’s most powerful heroes. But what if they were utterly and terribly defeated? Dark Crisis Special Edition #0 explores the fall of the JLA and in the aftermath, the DC Comics heroes and villains who rise to fill that void.

Plus, a new tale from Metropolis comes with Galaxy: The Prettiest Star, a story about an exiled alien princess who is inspired to embrace her true identity. Ahead of the July 29 film release, FCBD will also see a special edition preview of DC League of Super-Pets #1.

IDW: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #1

The end is near for the streets of Manhattan as the Rat King prepares his Armageddon Game — and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles aren’t the only mutants in town. It’s about to be one shell of a showdown!

IDW: Sonic the Hedgehog #1

Blink and you’ll miss him! Sonic the Hedgehog and his pals Tails and Knuckles are ready for adventure, but there’s a new super-speedster on the scene: Surge! Is Sonic a quick study or will he be stuck at the races in Sonic the Hedgehog #1?

Dark Horse Comics: Stranger Things/Resident Alien #1

Who doesn’t love a double feature? Spend a night at the drive-in with Eleven, Will, and Jonathan as the Stranger Things trio gets more than they bargained for with their creature features! Plus, a spirit from beyond needs some assistance from Dr. Harry and Nurse Asta in Resident Alien.

Skybound/Image: Clementine #1

Award-winning writer and artist Tillie Walden (On A Sunbeam, Spinning) delivers the next part of Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead, and you don’t want to miss extended looks at two new original graphic novels, Sea Serpent’s Heir and Everyday Hero Machine Boy!

Titan Comics: Doctor Who #1

Later this month, a new Doctor Who story arc will take readers on a journey through time, discovering the secrets of the Doctor’s early years — and this exclusive FCBD issue is your ticket in!

AfterShock: Bunny Mask Tales #1

Just when he thought life might go back to the way it was before Bunny Mask came along, Tyler Severin gets pulled back in to her wild ways in two new tales of terror from this hit AfterShock horror series.

Other noteworthy Free Comic Book Day scheduled releases are Primos #1, The Guardian of Fukushima #1, The Bone Orchard Mythos #1, Kult Cable ft. Jack Black #1, Nottingham Special #1.

In addition to these special FCBD titles, there are many other comic books that came out recently and earlier this week, such as Star Wars: Obi-Wan #1, Nubia: Coronation Special #1, Flashpoint Beyond #1, Knights of XGiant-Size X-Men #1: Thunderbird.

Remember to support your local comic book store — many retailers have additional sales or signings to celebrate the day. And just because these special comics are available for free to customers doesn’t mean they’re free to the stores. Why not treat yourself and give a little back as thanks to the awesome community heroes who work to bring you so many awesome comics, collectibles, games, and more? Happy Free Comic Book Day!

What will you be picking up for FCBD? Let us know in the comments and don’t forget to Let Your Geek Sideshow! And if you’re looking for more comics community to celebrate with, join the Local Comics Society, Sideshow’s official comic book reader Facebook group.