Who is John Walker, US Agent?

With The Falcon and The Winter Soldier premiering on Disney+, there are quite a few new comic book characters making their debut in the MCU. One of the most prominent comic book characters who made his (already contentious) debut at the very last moment of Episode 1 of the show is John Walker.

The Falcon and The Winter Soldier presents him as the brand new Captain America, but what is his comic book origin, and how might it differ from the show?

His Childhood Hero

When John F. Walker was just a young boy, he idolized his older brother, like many kids do. John’s older brother Mike followed in the footsteps of his father and his father’s father before him. Mike enlisted in the army and worked diligently to become a helicopter pilot. After boot camp, training and dedicated practice, he went off to war. The war was ugly, like it always is, and Mike didn’t make it home. His parents told John that his brother died a hero.

From then on, John wanted to be just like his brother. He wanted to serve in the military, train hard, and he wanted to become a hero. Not just any hero, but a hero that would make his brother proud. A hero that people would remember. Someone who could protect his country and his people better than any hero before, even better than Captain America.

His Origin

As soon as John Walker was old enough to enlist in the army, he did. He was excited as ever to face action, rise through the ranks, and fight as many baddies as he possibly could. He was extremely disappointed to discover that his military experience wasn’t going to be the same as his brothers. He wasn’t in the middle of a fight. He was stuck in an endless cycle of training, without any real threat that he could face.

That was when he met Curtiss Jackson, a particularly wealthy and influential entrepreneur, who went by the name Power Broker. Power Broker told John and his military buddies that he had developed an incredible way to grant super strength with a unique medical experiment, not dissimilar to Captain America’s. The only problem was that the procedure was expensive.

But Power Broker, devious and conniving, offered them the powers for free, so long as they worked for him in his Unlimited Class Wrestling Federation. John took the super powers gladly, and joined into the theatrical fighting fun.

His Corruption

The superhero fighting wrestling league was a quick way to make money and gain some fame, but Walker was dissatisfied once again. He wanted to be a hero, not ham it up in the ring! He wanted to save people, and he didn’t think that Captain America was doing a good enough job. He thought that Captain America didn’t go far enough with his heroics. So Walker became the Super Patriot, who represented the “true ideals” of his country.

And when the time came that Steve Rogers didn’t agree with the modern ideals of his country, he stepped down as Captain America.

That’s when John Walker stepped up, and cast aside his Super Patriot persona. He worked with the government and became Captain America. He wanted to be a better Captain America in every way, and working with his agent and his enhanced friends, he staged a series of events to make himself look more heroic and more brave than Steve Rogers.

Steve Rogers never saved people for competition or for fame, but John Walker did exactly that. And when he got into real action against true villains, he acted as judge, jury, and even executioner. He saw himself as a better version of Captain America, but really, he was just more brutal.

His Redemption

Walker was eventually deemed unfit to hold the title of Captain America, and after a serious confrontation with Steve Rogers, he saw the error in his ways. His death was faked, his face was changed, his outlook on life was completely new. He stepped aside and let Steve Rogers work as Captain America once again. And quietly, he started working with SHIELD, the West Coast Avengers, and even the Mighty Avengers under the name US Agent.

Even though he still has to reckon with his past, Walker is continually learning about being a noble and decent hero, setting US Agent on a path to becoming the hero that he always dreamed of being.

It’s unclear how much of his comic book origins will be included in the Falcon and The Winter Soldier, but one thing is clear: Captain America‘s shield wasn’t entrusted to US Agent, it was entrusted to the Falcon.

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