Gotham Gals & Galleries: DC Art Prints Featuring the Women of DC Comics

DC Comics is full of incredible female characters. From heroes like Batwoman to antiheroes like Harley Quinn, and even villains like Cheetah, those colorful comic panels give dynamic narratives to the women of DC. And you can celebrate these characters as well as your favorite fandom with your art display.

Below we’ve curated a list of museum-quality DC Comics artwork recommendations for your collection. Explore everything from vigilantes in the neon drenched nightlife to fierce Wonder Woman paintings and more. Whatever your art taste is, our finest detectives have gathered art prints to satisfy your display needs!

Birds of Prey

John Keaveney

Can’t choose just one favorite female character from DC? No problem! An all-female team of three is here to slay in the Birds of Prey Fine Art Print by John Keaveney. Together Batgirl, Huntress, and Black Canary have taken to the Gotham City rooftops for an evening of heroics. Once their escapades are over, they’ll hang at home on your walls.


Olivia De Berardinis

Cat got your tongue? Here to steal your heart — and your jewels — is the Catguns Fine Art Print by Olivia De Berardinis. Make any room feel like a royal throne room with these purple and gold tones. Plus, fans of vintage Batman art and media can pay homage to Catwoman’s classic television portrayal by Julie Newmar.


Derrick Chew

She’s got the (star) power! Embolden your DC art display with the Starfire Fine Art Print by Derrick Chew. This colorful cosmic portrait will add energy and vitality to your walls. Hang this Starfire art somewhere where it can motivate you while you work or get ready for work. You’ll be able to blaze through your assignments in no time at all with this Titan by your side!

Supergirl #16

Stanley “Artgerm” Lau

Kara Danvers smiles sweetly in the Supergirl #16 Fine Art Print by Stanley “Artgerm” Lau. Put this in any room that could use a blast of inspiration and optimism. Likewise, pair Supergirl with some Superman art to emblazon your household with Kryptonian might — and hope.

Wonder Woman #755

Ian MacDonald

There’s no denying Diana’s power and poise in the Wonder Woman #755 Fine Art Print by Ian MacDonald. With her Lasso of Truth in hand and a resolute expression on her beautiful face, Wonder Woman can compel you to do anything! Hang her in your home gym for an extra boost or have her guard your DC collectibles where they reside on your shelves.


Jay Anacleto

Zatanna Zatara’s problems are multiplying in the Zatanna Fine Art Print by Jay Anacleto! Bountiful bunnies surround this sorceress after a spell gone wrong. Or, if you love rabbits, it’s gone just right. Put this Zatanna art in your pet’s room, with your DC collectibles, or wherever on your wall that needs a little extra magic.

Will you be adding any of these fine art prints to your DC Comics collection? Perhaps you’ll get enough heroes for your own Bat Family. Or, you could even gather enough villains for your own Rogues Gallery.

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By Jasmine Edwards

Pop culture and Shakespeare enthusiast who probably spends too much time writing about fictional characters, analyzing Tenet, and stanning BTS. Find me on Twitter @JasEdwards13.