Wonder Woman vs. Hawkgirl – Princess Battle

If you like superheroes, you’ve probably heard the phrase: with great power comes great responsibility. It’s an adage that has been featured in Spider-Man and Superman tales across generations.

It often refers to the physical brutish power that many of our most popular superheroes hold and the subsequent duty of a hero not to abuse this strength. And yet, there are other types of powers and other types of responsibilities. There are powers that extend beyond the force of a punch, and responsibilities that go beyond fighting one single villain. There is the a power of royalty and a responsibility to care for your subjects. There are many princesses found within DC Comics: Starfire, Amethyst, Mera (now a queen), and more.

Today, we’ll look at the two that command the most skilled legions: Wonder Woman and Hawkgirl. What kingdoms are they the princesses of, what powers do they hold and command, and finally, how would they fare in a princess battle?

Wonder Woman


Wonder Woman comes from the hidden island of Themyscira. She is Princess Diana, daughter of Hippolyta, the Queen of Amazons, and Zeus, the God King of Olympus. Due to her lineage, she is next in line to control the Amazons. However, she volunteered to leave the island and fight for justice in Man’s World. And while she left her home, she is still very much able to lead the Amazons in any battle. Often, it is Wonder Woman herself who informs the Amazonians of impending doom, so that the legions can fight by her side.


Coming from the culture of the Amazons on the island of Themiscyra, Princess Diana was raised specifically to be a warrior. She was trained in hand-to-hand combat in conjunction with extensive weapon training. Despite the fact that she was born extraordinarily strong (due to her mythical lineage) the Amazons did not allow her to rely on strength or position, and she was forced to improve upon her skills. It is those skills with nearly every weapon and hand-to-hand combat (from Themiscyran training and from sparring sessions with Batman) that make her a formidable warrior.


As a demigod, Wonder Woman is immortal. She is so strong that she has been able to overpower Supergirl in a fight. She is durable enough to withstand punches from Superman. She can fly, move at super speeds, and she is enhanced in nearly every way. With her Lasso of Truth, Bracelets of Submission, tiara, and sword and shield of Themyscira, she is equipped for every form of battle.


Even though she is immortal, she is not invulnerable. While she doesn’t have her own personal Kryptonite, she is enhanced by a significant amount of magic. Taking away her magic or her connection to the Gods of Olympus would reduce her powers greatly.



There have been many different Hawkgirls over the years, and many different incarnations of her character. There are mixed and varied timelines with different versions of her story and origins, but ultimately, every single one of them is a descendant of an Egyptian princess named Chay-Ara. Princess Chay-Ara was murdered with a Thanagarian dagger made of Nth metal, and it inexplicably mixed with her in such a way that she is cursed to reincarnate forever.

It’s possible, depending on the origin you’re reading, that Chay-Ara is a descendent of an even earlier Hawkgirl from the alien planet Thanagar. All Hawkgirls, regardless of their origin, reincarnate and gain access to their full Thanagarian powers and equipment.


In every single life cycle, whether as Shiera Sanders, Kendra Saunders, or someone else, Hawkgirl must learn to fight again. As she learns to fight, she learns to connect with her past. All of her training from every life compounds, and she learns to use her full skillset. In that way, she is her own teacher. Every lesson she has ever learned is carried into the next life, and though she cannot always control when she gains memories, she eventually remembers her entire history. And with thousands upon thousands of years of knowledge and skills, she has become an incredible warrior.


It’s impossible to know just how many skills that Hawkgirl possesses, but the skills don’t necessarily change her strength. Each reincarnated Hawkgirl has different physical abilities, but they are still usually average human level abilities. However, they are all enhanced by the Nth metal armor and weaponry that she uses. Thanagarian Nth Metal responds to thoughts, and so they work along with her, giving her enhanced strength, durability, speed, and healing. Despite being trained in many different fighting styles with many different tools, her most iconic weapon is her Thanagarian Mace that can disrupt magic.


Hawkgirl cannot control when she gains a new memory from her past lives. If it happened in the middle of battle, it would likely be distracting or even fatal.


We’ve seen Wonder Woman and Hawkgirl fight in the Justice League Unlimited Animated Series before, in the episode Grudge Match. In the episode, a villain uses Justice League communicator earpieces into order to control members and make them fight each other. And while Wonder Woman often has self-restraint, even when fighting villains, there’s no self control when she’s being mind-controlled. Not only does Wonder Woman defeat Hawkgirl in a few seconds, she’s also fighting Black Canary, Vixen, and Huntress at the same time. Wonder Woman could easily defeat Hawkgirl in a fight.

And even though Hawkgirl can reincarnate and continue the fight many years later, Wonder Woman is immortal. She remains just as powerful, and would be able to defeat Hawkgirl in the future as well.

However, if these two Warrior Princesses could bring their soldiers with them, the story might be different. Of course the Egyptian soldiers are long gone, but there have been more than a few story arcs where Hawkgirl rules over the Thanagarian Empire, or at least leads their soldiers. While Hawkgirl’s human physiology doesn’t have any extra strength or abilities, the Thanagarians are technologically advanced and physically powerful. The Amazonians are more magical in their technology. And if Thanagarian technology (like the Nth Metal Mace) can disrupt magic, there’s a very good chance that Hawkgirl’s soldiers could defeat Wonder Woman’s soldiers.

Which DC Comics Princess do you think would win in a fight between Wonder Woman and Hawkgirl? The Amazons or the Thanagarians? Let us know in the comments, and don’t forget to Let Your Geek Sideshow!