Invincible Season 2 and 3 Confirmed!

Amazon has officially announced that their animated superhero series Invincible is being renewed for a second and third season. The announcement came the day before the streaming service released the finale of Season 1. Fans were on the edge of their seat as the story of the young superhero Mark Grayson unfolded.

Spoilers for the finale ahead.

In Season 1, we met Omni-Man, the most powerful superhero on planet Earth. However, he was actually from a planet called Viltrum, where the society had achieved greatness. He wanted his son Mark to rise to his potential as a Viltrumite as well! But in the end, it seems that Omni-Man was not as heroic as the world assumed. In fact, he single-handedly killed every single member of the superhero team The Guardians of the Globe (a clear parody of DC Comics’ The Justice League). And until the finale, we didn’t know why.

It turns out that Viltrum is more than just a flourishing society. They are an Empire, hoping to conquer and expand the Viltrumite Empire across the galaxies. They believe in survival of the fittest, and the absolute destruction of the weak. Omni-Man was a loyal Viltrumite, and intended to force planet Earth to join the Empire. He felt that all Earth beings, regardless of how super they might be, were weak. They were only in the way of his Empire and of his plan. He had hoped that Mark would join him and turn against the humans, but the finale resulted in a brutal battle unlike any superhero story we’ve seen before.

A day before the finale, Robert Kirkman and Amazon released the announcement that the show is being renewed for 2 more seasons.

All of Season 1, Mark Grayson was learning to use his newfound powers as the hero Invincible. He worked alongside other superhero teams, fought against corrupt corporate leaders, and struggled to maintain the balance between his human and super identities. Through it all, he didn’t suspect his father to be evil. Up until the end, even after he had to fight his own father practically to death, he hoped his father would change his mind. And someway, somehow, he did. He left Earth.

We don’t know where he went, but the show tells us that a Viltrumite has never left their post before, so we can almost be certain that Omni-Man will be back.

There is no release date for the next seasons, but all of Invincible Season 1 is available on Amazon Prime now.

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