Donny Cates’ Crossover #1, Marvel’s USAgent #1, Stranger Things: Dungeons & Dragons, and More- The Comics Haul with Amy and Paul: November 4th, 2020

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Learn about Marvel’s US Agent #1, Image’s Crossover #1, a Stranger Things: Dungeons and Dragons tale, and even more comic book news from Wednesday, November 4th on the latest episode of The Comics Haul!

PANEL OF THE WEEK: Superheroes Off Duty

Winner: Doctor Strange, Marvel Comics

BUSY BEE OF THE WEEK: Kelly Thompson, Writer

Don’t miss these three killer Marvel Comics releases written by Kelly Thompson on shelves this week!

FEATURED BOOKS: November 4th, 2020


How do you store and protect your comics? Do you ever reopen books you’ve bagged and boarded?

Shaun K.:

I bag and board my comics and have them in order. And for the white boxes, I decided to paint them to the character and put a sticker on the front of what character it is.

Katie B.:

We bag & board all of our single issues and we have storage bins for them. We are behind in reading, so we do open them to read. If we still have digital editions available, we will download those too for rereading.

I typically do not open my older issues if they have an omnibus or trade that goes with them. They stay part of the collection. I am not necessarily concerned with the condition, as it’s more that I want to own them than plan to get them graded.

Chris F.:

Bagged and boarded for sure, then I’ve got them stored in a plastic BCW Supplies bin, in a closet away from any shot of moisture! Any signed #1s get bagged, boarded or CGC’ed and placed in a firebox. Trades dominate my bookcase under some Sideshow statues!

Eric P.:

I keep my comics in filing cabinets. I hate comic boxes, they just don’t seem right to me. I bag and board my comics. I never really ever reread them. It’s a full-time gig just to keep current with current comics.

I have two ways I organize my comics too that helps. If they are an ongoing title, I put them in alphabetical order. For all the mini-series though I have a different section, and those I have put into chronological order by the year they came out.

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