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Harley Quinn Episode Titles

According to SpoilerTV, DC Comics has shared the episode titles for HBO Max’s upcoming third season of Harley Quinn. The first three episodes are titled “Harlivy,” “There’s No Ivy in Team,” and “The 83rd Annual Villy Awards.” The first three episodes of Harley Quinn will hit HBO Max on July 28.

God of War Concept Art


Santa Monica Studio shared new concept art from their game God of War (2018). The art shows the undead creatures called the Draugr in monochromatic style. It is unclear whether or not the Draugr will appear in their next game God of War: Ragnarök.

The Boys Update

Vought International, the in-world social media accounts from The Boys, shared a post from Homelander. The post confirms that Annie January, AKA Starlight, has been unequivocally condemned, terminated from The Seven, and falsely accused of becoming hysterical after a breakup with Homelander. The next episode of The Boys premieres on Amazon Prime on July 1.

SEE Season 3 Teaser

Apple TV+ shared the official teaser for SEE season 3. “After Baba Voss (Aquaman‘s Jason Momoa) defeated his nemesis brother Edo and retreated into the forest, an explosive new threat emerges that no one is safe from.” The final season of SEE premieres on Apple TV+ on August 26.

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