13 Funniest Quotes from Thor: Love and Thunder

Gather round, and listen to the funniest quotes of Marvel’s Space Viking and his ridiculous friends (and maybe even an enemy!) from Thor: Love and Thunder. In the newest film of the MCU’s Phase Four, Jane Foster assumes the title of Mighty Thor, and together with Thor Odinson, Valkyrie, and Korg, they must figure out how to defeat Gorr the God Butcher.

The fourth Thor movie, directed by Taika Waititi, offers plenty of Waititi’s signature offbeat humor. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you might even do both at once. It’s a classic Thor adventure! Without further ado, we’ve chosen our 13 favorite funny Thor: Love and Thunder quotes. Let’s recap the funny quotes for those who can’t remember the funny quotes.

Warning: Some quotes feature mature language. Oh, and also spoilers.

“Maybe it’s time to play the Space Viking card.” – Darcy Lewis

In Darcy’s infinite wisdom, she expresses that maybe Jane should consider asking her favorite Asgardian for some help. While Jane is brave for wanting to fight her cancer on her own, there’s a chance that Asgardian magic might have an answer that Earth science does not. Of course, Darcy is also probably looking forward to the eye candy that comes along with Asgardian assistance.

“Smell like a king because you’re worthy.” – Valkyrie

New Asgard is thriving thanks to its growing tourism industry. And King Valkyrie, though she’s good at her job, can’t help but feel dissatisfied. She says the line above while filming a deodorant commercial. Her face after the cameras cut basically screams, “Mondays, amirite?”

“Maybe your arm is in Valhalla.” – Thor Odinson

Sweet, sweet Thor. Ever the optimist. When he first encounters a defeated Sif, Thor tries to make her feel better about her defeat by hypothesizing the location of her severed arm. A true friend.

“Pain? What is pain but a construct? Ah, that’s really sharp!” – Thor Odinson

Thor Odinson’s bravado is legendary. He laughs in the face of pain! But yowch, sometimes that Necrosword hits just right and it is certainly sharp.

“Must be hard for you to see your ex-girlfriend and your ex-hammer hanging out, getting on so well.” – Korg

Where would we have been without Korg’s narration throughout Thor: Love and Thunder? Maybe not utterly lost but certainly laughing less. Korg’s commentary provides relief from the heavier moments and also illuminates Stormbreaker’s jealousy whenever Thor eyes his former weapon, Mjolnir. Two exes always spells trouble, even for a thunder god.

“Well then if it’s color we need, let’s bring the rainbow!” – Mighty Thor

As the group gets ready to leave New Asgard and storm the Shadow Realm, Mighty Thor tests out a new catchphrase. While it might need some work, her enthusiasm certainly sells the charm. Plus, a classic Thor roof exit is always the way to go in style.

“No, no mate, we are not traveling in Stormbreaker’s janky Bifrost.” – Valkyrie

While Korg’s commentary provides the laughs, Valkyrie’s comments are what we’re all thinking. And Stormbreaker’s Bifrost? Let’s just say it’s not the smoothest ride in the Nine Realms — not to mention the goats. If you listen closely, you can still hear their screams echoing in space.

“With all this talk about chopping off heads, I wanna have a go!” –Gorr the God Butcher

A little dark humor never hurt anybody. Well, on second thought, this one definitely could hurt if Gorr follows through on his request. Best to just back away slowly into the Shadow Realm…

“There’s no dingdonging or bumrushing, especially not Zeus’ bum.” – Thor Odinson

As the group enters Omnipotent City, the home of all the universe’s major gods, Valkyrie outlines a swift and brutal attack to steal Zeus’ thunderbolt. But Thor Odinson, who has always admired the Olympian, will not stand for any such tomfoolery around this fellow God of Thunder.

“You flicked too hard!” – Thor Odinson

Unfortunately, Thor’s hero Zeus did not live up to the hype. Zeus puts Thor in chains and toys with the Asgardian a bit. However, Zeus’ flicks are pretty powerful and suddenly those robes fall faster than a flash of lightning. Thor doesn’t moon about for long but the sight is enough to raise plenty of eyebrows from the crowd.

“Jane, I want to feel shitty about you.” – Thor Odinson

In a (very) rare moment of wisdom, Peter Quill advises Thor Odinson that love is about finding someone who makes feeling shitty worth it. Essentially Peter is imparting some “tis better to have loved and lost” type of advice but neither he nor Thor have likely read any Shakespeare. Regardless, it’s good counsel: Find somebody whose good outweighs the bad.

“Some moron made a fridge without a door.” – Thor Odinson

While Jane Foster is back in the hospital, Thor Odinson attempts to retrieve some snacks. However, the challenge of a vending machine nearly proves to be too much. When he comes back to Jane’s room, Thor criticizes the poor design of the hospital’s snack capabilities. They’re so hard to use! Same, dude.

“He looked boring before.” – Love

By the film’s end, Thor Odinson has been charged with the care of Gorr the God Butcher’s daughter, Love (who is actually played by Chris Hemsworth’s real-life daughter, India Rose). Together, they’re forging a new life and Love has a few ideas on how to make it less boring. Her cute doodles all over Stormbreaker definitely add some much-needed love to the powerful weapon.

Who knew beneath that god bod there was a funny god all along, just waiting to emerge from the storm clouds? Whether it was a one-liner from Valkyrie, lovable buffoonery from Thor, or Korg’s excellent narration, there was plenty of humor to be found in Thor’s latest on-screen adventure.

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