Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse New Character Guide

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse swings into theaters this summer. The highly anticipated sequel to Marvel’s smash hit animated movie Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, Across the Spider-Verse takes young hero Miles Morales across multiple dimensions on a search for his own sense of identity and belonging.

Of course, Miles will have plenty of help along the way. His mom and dad are still supporting him through school. Gwen Stacy and Peter B. Parker are supporting Miles through superhero-ing. And then there’s the newcomers in Miles’ life. Both friends and foes, these characters will shape Spider-Man’s story in vital ways. So before you see Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, get the download on all these new characters, including a bunch of Spider-People.

Spider-Man 2099

Full Name: Miguel O’Hara
Powers: Super strength, spider physiology, genius-level intellect, venomous talons and fangs
Affiliations: Spider-Society
Major Enemies: Anything or anyone that threatens the Multiverse, including Doctor Strange
Fan Fact: Miguel lives in an alternate, futuristic New York City. He is the Spider-Society’s leader.


Full Name: Jessica Drew
Powers: Superhuman stamina and speed, venom blasts, acrobatics
Affiliations: Spider-Society
Major Enemies: HYDRA
Fan Fact: Unlike most heroes, Jessica does not use a secret identity. Jessica prefers to ride a motorcycle rather than swing around on webs, and she’s pregnant in Across the Spider-Verse.

Scarlet Spider

Full Name: Benjamin “Ben” Reilly
Powers: Expert swordsman, hand-to-hand combat, typical spider-powers
Affiliations: Spider-Society
Major Enemies: Green Goblin
Fan Fact: Ben is a perfect genetic clone of Peter Parker from an alternate universe — though he always seeks to establish his own separate identity.


Full Name: Hobart “Hobie” Brown
Powers: Music and guitar wielding, typical spider-powers
Affiliations: Spider-Society
Major Enemies: The government
Fan Fact: Hobie lives under a totalitarian regime and rebels through punk rock music.

Spider-Man India

Full Name: Pavitr Prabhakar
Powers: Wall-crawling, super speed, agility, spider-sense
Affiliations: Spider-Society, Spider-UK
Major Enemies: Nalin Oberoi, Venom
Fan Fact: Pavitr got his powers through a ceremony with a yogi rather than a spider bite.

The Spot

Full Name: Johnathan Ohnn
Powers: Multiversal travel
Affiliations: Spider-Man Revenge Squad / Legion of Losers
Major Enemies: Daredevil, any version of Spider-Man, Fantastic Four
Fan Fact: The Spot’s black-and-white body is covered in inter-dimensional portals that look like gaping holes. These portals allow the Spot to travel through space and dimensions, as well as send other matter such as food and money through those pathways — intentionally or not.


Powers: Master of technology
Affiliations: Spider-Man 2099
Major Enemies: Miguel’s enemies
Fan Fact: Lyla is Miguel O’Hara’s digital assistant. She appears as a holographic figure with pink sunglasses who can communicate with Miguel at all times.


Full Name: Adrian Toomes
Powers: Flight, intelligence
Affiliations: Sinister Six
Major Enemies: Spider-Man
Fan Fact: The Vulture that appears in Across the Spider-Verse is actually a super-villain from a Renaissance-inspired universe.

George Stacy

Powers: Basic agility and weapons handling as befitting a police officer
Affiliations: Gwen Stacy / Ghost-Spider
Major Enemies: Spider-Woman
Fan Fact: Captain Stacy is Gwen Stacy’s father.

Additional Spider-People

As teased in the Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse trailer, we’ll be meeting hundreds of iterations of Spider-Man from across the Multiverse. Many of these heroes are probably Spider-Society members. We probably won’t get one-on-one moments with each character, however, we have already spied quite a few fan-favorites and new faces (or masks) in teaser footage. For brevity’s sake, we’ll introduce some of these Spider-People in list form below.

  • Margo Kess / Spider-Byte
  • Cyborg Spider-Woman
  • Max Borne / Spider-Man 2211
  • Peter Parker / Spider-Man from Marvel’s Spider-Man video game series, the Spider-Man Unlimited and Spectacular Spider-Man television series, and the Marvel Mangaverse
  • Takuya Yamashiro / Spider-Man / Supaidāman
  • Otto Octavius / Superior Spider-Man
  • Doppelgänger
  • Julia Carpenter
  • Kaine Parker
  • Ashley Barton / Spider-Kingpin / Spider-B*tch
  • Maybelle Reilly / Lady-Spider
  • Charlotte Webber / Sun-Spider
  • Patrick O’Hara / Web-Slinger
  • Flash Thompson / Captain Spider
  • Spyder-Knight
  • Spidercide
  • Old Man Peter Parker
  • Earth X Spider-Man
  • Spider-Therapist
  • Spider-Cop
  • Spider-Mechanic
  • Ultimate Tarantula
  • Underoos
  • Dormammu-Verse Spider-Man
  • Prince of Arachne
  • Pter Ptarker / Spider-Rex
  • Spider-Cat
  • Spider-Monkey
  • Spider-Wolf
  • Peter Parkedcar / Spider-Mobile
  • Bombastic Bag-Man
  • Spider-Armor Mk I, II, and III
  • Iron Spider
  • May “Mayday” Parker / Spider-Girl
  • Mary Jane Parker / Spinneret
  • Anna May-Parker / Spiderling
  • More to come!

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