Sideshow’s Alien and Predator Mythos

As a collection, Sideshow’s Mythos series are fine art collectibles that allow the collector to imagine what could have been, but maybe never was. Myths meant to be initiated by the eye and completed by the mind. Sideshow’s Mythos series captures the limitless possibility of fan-favorite franchises by emphasizing core concepts and introducing unique new ideas to popular fictional universes.

The Alien Mythos and Predator Mythos lines explore the stories we love, and the stories we imagined. But what have we imagined so far? Let’s hunt down a few of the fan-favorite Alien and Predator Mythos collectibles.

Predator Barbarian Mythos

The Predator Barbarian is a hulking jungle hunter who brings a new level of ferocity to the dangerous fight for survival. The Yautja species is wildly advanced with technology that inspired humanity when they were just beginning to form civilizations. They taught humans how to build the pyramids, and they were worshipped as gods for their genius. The Mythos Legendary Scale Bust brings you face to face with a predator whose intellect and skill are a head above the rest.

The polystone Predator Barbarian- Mythos Legendary Scale™ Bust measures 19” tall from the top of the beast’s spiny head to the bottom of its detailed Yautja-aesthetic base, imbued with a sense of dynamic movement through the portrait and dreadlocks. This bigger, more brute-like alien warrior features heavily armored shoulders, detailed facial markings, and snarling mandibles, making it the last thing you want to see in a dense jungle setting.

The Predator Barbarian embodies all the ruthlessness of the killer Yautja species, painted with the signature earthen tones and piercing yellow eyes that allow these hunters to camouflage and stalk their prey with deadly precision.

Alien Warrior – Mythos

This Alien Warrior emerges as a new evolution of Xenomorph terror, offering a creepy new perspective on the classic creature. These variant Xenomorphs are stronger, more durable, more dangerous, and more effective protectors for their hive. Their acidic blood, their ridged and sharp tails, and their vicious maw all contribute to their fright-factor, but the Mythos Maquette offers terrors beyond what the films have ever shown.

The Alien Warrior- Mythos Maquette reimagines the frightening presence of this relentless hunter like never before, while maintaining H.R. Giger’s signature bio-mechanical aesthetic. Crouched atop an infested ship base, the Alien Warrior measures 17.75” tall. The sinister inner skull of the Xenomorph is visible through the creature’s ridged head dome, while its hissing mouth reveals the monster’s iconic inner jaws. Its distinct coloration adds a new degree of unsettling detail to the creature, giving the Alien Warrior an insectoid quality.

The Alien Warrior- Mythos Maquette pushes the limits of imagination and fear, emphasizing the creature’s natural agility and deadly hunting ability.  Two pairs of clawed arms and a pair of elongated legs clutch the ship’s innards, which are enveloped in horrific Xenomorph hive material, while the creature’s segmented tail curls maliciously down the base.

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