The Best DC TV Shows Streaming on HBO Max in 2022!

By Melody McCune

It’s hard to believe the year is almost over. As 2022 takes a bow, brace yourself for a barrage of “best of” lists and yearly pop culture roundups. Thankfully, that’s not what this is — no, just kidding, it totally is. Like its Marvel-ous competitor, DC Comics had a banger of a year in television. From animated shenanigans with Harley Quinn to Peacemaker dancing our way into our hearts, DC properties delivered on the entertainment front in the Year of Our Lord 2022. 

I’ve compiled a short list of my favorite DC TV shows from this year. Fun fact: All of them are available to stream on HBO Max! Spoilers abound, so proceed with caution. 

Harley Quinn

What happens when the queenpin of Gotham and her plant-controlling girlfriend try domesticity on for size? Season 3 of Harley Quinn explores Harlivy’s budding romance while continuing to cultivate Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy as separate characters. Ivy embarks on a mission to terraform Gotham to make the city more eco-friendly while Harley continues being naughty. Well, kind of. She winds up confronting her internal demons and essentially re-parenting her inner child.

By the season’s end, Harley joins the Bat-Family in a complete 180 from the show’s pilot. Perhaps being a hero is more her speed, after all. Meanwhile, Lex Luthor promotes Ivy as the new head of the Legion of Doom branch in Gotham, ostensibly furthering the divide between her and Harley. However, our lovebirds don’t allow a minute detail like fighting on opposite sides to sow the seeds of discord. They vow to remain devoted to each other while pursuing their interests. If that’s not growth (and setting healthy boundaries), I don’t know what is. 

Harley Quinn took me by surprise when I first started watching it in 2020. Not only is it bitingly funny, but Kaley Cuoco should be considered the quintessential voice (alongside Tara Strong) for Harley. This show boasts a ton of heart, the perfect slow burn between Harley and Ivy, and a plethora of fun DC character cameos. 

Favorite episode: “Batman Begins Forever” (Season 3 Episode 8)

Doom Patrol

Okay, okay, so Doom Patrol season 4 only just debuted in December, but it’s still in 2022, so it counts. If you know me, you know how much I adore this weird little show with all my weird little heart. Season 4 kicks off a new era for our misfits as they finally become bona fide super heroes, styling themselves as the “Doom Patrol.” Rita naturally assumes the leadership mantle to the irritation of her teammates before being ousted by them and replaced by Laura De Mille. 

So far, Season 4 tackles the group’s insecurities as they introspectively examine their transgressions. Season 3’s Eternal Flagellation wasn’t enough on the self-flagellation front. We also see their endeavor to find purpose, notably Jane searching beyond her former post as Kay’s protector and Vic navigating a world without his Cyborg tech. It’s a thoughtful and poignant character dissection you wouldn’t expect in a “super hero” series. 

Doom Patrol season 4 also maintains the show’s razor-sharp sardonic humor and clever surrealism, showcasing wacky antagonists like dancing Were-Butts and foes with butt cannons that make you question your grip on reality. It’s trippy, man, but there’s nothing like it on TV. Doom Patrol is the darkly eccentric older sister who spews conspiracy theories and dirty jokes in the same breath at the family reunion. 

Favorite episode: “Nostalgia Patrol” (Season 4 Episode 3)


Do ya really wanna, do ya really wanna taste it? James Gunn’s first DC television foray became a smashing success, at least as far as I’m concerned. Perhaps I’m biased. Peacemakera spin-off of Gunn’s The Suicide Squad, finds John Cena’s titular Peacemaker navigating life post-Task Force X and trying to stay out of trouble. Clemson Murn recruits him to join the A.R.G.U.S. black ops squad for “Project Butterfly.” The objective? Eradicate butterfly-esque parasitic creatures from overtaking the human population. 

Peacemaker forms a close bond with Leota Adebayo, his teammate, and brings the slightly unhinged Vigilante into the fold. He falls for Emilia Harcourt. He deals with family drama and childhood trauma. Peacemaker even stands up to his Nazi father. The season ends in a bloodbath, but Peacemaker and his new pals inevitably save the day. 

This show is a blast and a half. It’s like Gunn’s Marvel projects but darker, gorier, and dirtier. I mean, there’s a significant chunk of dirty jokes. John Cena delivers a surprisingly nuanced performance, striking that perfect balance between layers of comedy and drama. As per Gunn’s usual, the soundtrack boasts hair metal acts that totally, as the kids say, “slap.” Peacemaker is escapist TV at its finest. 

Favorite episode: “It’s Cow or Never” (Season 1 Episode 8)

Young Justice: Phantoms

While the DC multimedia universe as a whole isn’t the most consistent, I think I speak for everyone when I say its animated offerings are always on point. It’s hard to believe that a show that started in 2010 only has 98 episodes, but Young Justice took a six-year-hiatus between Seasons 2 and 3. It finished its fourth season this June and is better than ever.

Now dubbed Young Justice: Phantoms, the season explores several storylines amid its 26-episode run, from attending a wedding on Mars that results in a murder mystery and encountering three enigmatic time travelers to Atlantean prophecies, mental health crises, and a significant death.

This show proves it has staying power despite the hiccups during its tenure. It delves into important topics like racism and mental health while dissecting these characters and discovering what makes them tick. Young Justice: Phantoms is a damn good time. Plus, I’ve always adored its animation style.

Favorite episode: “Death and Rebirth” (Season 4 Episode 26)


Unfortunately, HBO Max decided to cancel this gem of a series. Stargirl recently wrapped its final season this year. Season 3 brings Starman back from the dead, and Courtney helps him overcome the initial adjustment period to life in sleepy Blue Valley. In exchange, he offers to train our titular Stargirl. As with many genre-related narratives, a murder mystery kicks things off with a bang. Is this the work of the Injustice Society of America? While Courtney and Pat work to solve said murder mystery, a shocking secret they discover rocks their world. Who doesn’t love a good secret discovery? 

Brec Bassinger is perfect in this role. She injects Courtney with so much heart, depth, and nuance. Now that being relentlessly optimistic is unfashionable, it’s refreshing to encounter a character with this quality. Courtney’s unwavering positivity and determination are admirable. She doesn’t run from her destiny but embraces it courageously. 

Stargirl is a fun series that deserves more airtime. Here’s hoping Bassinger crosses over to other DC properties. 

Favorite episode: “Frenemies – Chapter Thirteen: The Reckoning” (Season 3 Episode 13)


Since season 1, Titans has struck that hard-to-find sweet spot between gritty realism and clever comic book fun. DC’s most famous sidekicks have grown up right in front of us, battling inner demons, literal demons, and establishing a compelling team history in the process. Part 1 of season 4 has finished airing, and Part 2 will likely return sometime in 2023.

Season 4 further taps into the supernatural horror genre. With chilling images of mysterious dripping blood, a creepy taxidermy shop, and slithering serpents, there’s plenty to get your heart racing — and that’s just episode 1. “Super Super Mart,” episode 4, ushers in the undead as the Titans must face hordes of zombies and even a reanimated Deathstroke. This season the younger heroes like Raven, Beast Boy, and Tim Drake are also coming into their own. Rachel follows in Starfire’s footsteps as a compassionate leader and Tim achieves his dream of being the next Robin. Plus, he meets Bernard and it’s really special to see the beginning of their romance. Gar finally taps into other animal forms and we see some allusions to The Red, the universal force connecting all animal life.

However, Gar’s not the only one seeing red. Conner Kent comes into contact with Lex Luthor. This awakens his darker side and even inspires an evil makeover. With the emergence of the Church of Blood and Mother Mayhem, the red imagery comes full circle. Jinx is a new addition to the team who debuts in episode 3 and adds a bit of magic to the mix. In that episode, Nightwing has an amazing acrobatic fight sequence against dark elves. Yeah, that’s right. Dark elves. Batman wishes he could look that good while twirling through the air and fighting evil magical creatures.

Favorite episode: “Super Super Mart” (Season 4 Episode 4)

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