The Best Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse Quotes

With super hero movies trending towards a “grittier” and more “realistic” feel lately, 2018’s Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse wasn’t so much a breath of fresh air as a Category 5 hurricane. It was fun, full of heart, and absolutely riotous with color and style as we followed Miles Morales’ journey.

This year marks four years since the release of the film. On June 2, 2023, the Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse sequel will swing into theaters. Now that the official Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse trailer has been released, let’s look back at some of the first movie’s best quotes. Right on time, Miles.

“When will I know I’m ready?”

“You won’t. It’s a leap of faith.”

Miles Morales has been through a lot in a comparably short amount of time. So when it falls to him to save Brooklyn, he’s understandably scared. The five other Spider-people who’ve fallen into his dimension aren’t sure he’s ready to step up to the plate, and Miles knows it too despite how badly he wants to help. Peter B. Parker, an older, more jaded Spider-Man than the one from Miles’ universe, volunteers himself to be the one to put their city-saving plan into motion, knowing that it will cost him his life. Both he and Miles know that Peter will have to do it because Miles himself can’t, and it breaks Miles’ heart.

That’s when Miles asks Peter when he’ll know he’s ready to be Spider-Man, and Peter’s very abstract answer – in tandem with a motivational speech from his father Jeff – actually gives the teenager the push he needs to get his powers under control. The situation is turned on its head at the end of the movie when Peter, afraid to return to his own dimension and face the disaster his personal life has become, asks Miles, “How do I know I’m not gonna mess it up again?” All Miles has to say is, “You won’t.” Peter understands, and he’s as bolstered by it as Miles was.

“Right. It’s a leap of faith,” he says before taking the (quite literal) plunge and going back home. It’s a wonderful moment in a story full of wonderful moments and really shows the bond that Miles and Peter have formed despite Peter’s best initial efforts.

“And it’s a no on the cape.”

Peter B. Parker has clearly seen The Incredibles and decided to follow Edna Mode’s most famous edict of superheroing: No capes. He tells Miles it’s because Spider-Man just doesn’t wear one, but we all know the truth. Edna Mode must never be defied, and Peter seems to know this!

Whether it’s a callback to the 2004 Disney-Pixar masterpiece or just a silly bit, the moment is guaranteed to draw a giggle or several from anyone watching, especially as Peter yoinks the cape off Miles’ back and sends the poor kid tumbling.

“You’re on your way. Just keep going.”

There’s no shortage of inspirational quotes from Into the Spider-Verse, which makes sense: The story is about accepting yourself and coming into your own. Miles probably isn’t in the right headspace to really hear his Uncle Aaron when he says this. He had already been struggling with feeling out of place as the new kid at a fancy school, not to mention the new Spider on the block with no grip on his powers.

But at this moment, Aaron is taking his final breaths. Kingpin has shot him for refusing to kill Miles. Still, the encouragement does eventually come back to Miles when he’s at his lowest and it helps push him forward.

“Why are all my thoughts so loud?!”

Mood, Miles.

Miles’ first day at school after gaining his powers is an interesting one. He embarrasses himself in front of a hefty crowd of his new schoolmates, and his brain, like the rest of him, is going a bit out of whack as he tries to come to terms with it. He wonders if anyone saw what happened then realizes that everyone saw. He sees someone smiling at him and wonders if the kid is laughing at him, if he’s “the weird kid” now. In true comic book style, Miles’ thoughts appear on screen in speech boxes. They pop up as they pop into Miles’ head, giving the audience an idea of how chaotic things are in his brain.

It’s relatable though, the idea that your own thoughts are loud enough to drown everything else out and make you want to escape them. Still not sure if it’s a blessing or a bummer that pop-up speech bubbles don’t happen in real life.


You know about the shoulder touch, right?

Watching Aaron and Miles bond and play around is heartwarming, especially considering how Aaron’s story ends. Watching the two of them talk about how to woo girls, even jokingly, is hilarious. Miles is sweet and smart but not at all suave enough to flirt according to Aaron’s coaching. It’s such a fun interaction that showcases how close Aaron and Miles are – you only ever laugh when people are teasing you if you know that they don’t mean it, after all.

That Miles actually takes Aaron’s advice seriously and puts it into practice is even more of an indication of how much he looks up to his uncle. Unfortunately for Miles, his brand new sticky fingers turn a rather silly flirting attempt into a minor medical mishap. After Miles’ failed flirtation, the school nurse is needed to cut his hand out of Gwen Stacey’s hair. She rocks the new haircut that results from the incident, it’s just…

Oh, Miles.

Do you have a favorite quote from the movie? Are you looking forward to Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse in 2023?

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