Wonder Woman’s Top 10 Best Moments in the DCU

From the moment she made her debut in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman has captured the hearts of super hero fans. Between her two solo films, there is no shortage of inspiring moments. Whether she is rescuing an individual from danger or saving the entire world, Diana is committed to doing what is right and letting her heart lead the way.

Here are our top 10 moments from Wonder Woman and Wonder Woman 1984.

10. The Amazon Games

Wonder Woman 1984 (2020)

On Themyscira, the Amazonians put their athletic skills to the test during the Amazon Games. Standing against full-grown Amazonian women, a young Diana is warned by her Aunt Antiope of the difficulties in the contest ahead. Testing speed, agility, archery, and more, the young princess holds her own against the other contenders.

While in the lead, she falls off her horse. Unwilling to lose, she manages to take a shortcut to catch up and retake first place. As she prepares to throw her spear through a hoop to claim victory, Antiope stops her. Antiope knows that Diana cheated and imparts a lesson that will help Diana for years to come. She tells her niece, “No true hero is born from lies.” Although she did not win, she gained wisdom more valuable than any victory.

9. Saving Steve and Taking Up His Cause

Wonder Woman (2017)

Diana watches from the cliffside in Themyscira as Steve’s plane crashes into the ocean and begins to sink. Without hesitation and despite the warnings she had received about the dangers of mankind, she dives into the ocean and rescues the stranger.

Compelled by the Lasso of Truth, Steve tells the Amazonians about the war. Queen Hippolyta is unmoved by the news he shares, dismissing it as it does not affect them. Thanks to her own compassion and Steve’s belief that something must be done, Diana gathers the weapons she requires and leaves with Steve to save the world.

8. Fight at the White House

Wonder Woman 1984 (2020)

In Wonder Woman 1984, Diana and Steve confront Maxwell Lord at the White House. As her powers weaken because of her wish, Diana continues to fight on bravely. She also shows restraint and encourages Steve to do so as well, noting that the agents are not at fault for fighting. Her goal is to stop Maxwell and stop more people from getting hurt.

Despite Diana’s weakened state, Steve and Diana manage to hold their own. That changes, however, when Dr. Barbara Minerva arrives. Having wished to be more like Diana, Barbara unexpectedly gained superhuman abilities and is not willing to part with them. She knows that if Diana is successful in defeating Maxwell Lord, her newfound strength is lost. Diana recognizes that Barbara’s wish comes at the cost of her humanity. Barbara, witnessing Diana’s weakness, points out that Diana has sacrificed her abilities and strength to have Steve back.

7. Alleyway Brawl

Wonder Woman (2017)

On her first outing in the World of Men, Diana and Steve are accosted in a London alleyway by men demanding that Steve return Dr. Maru’s notebook. Steve responds by headbutting one of them. He tells Diana to stand back. One of the other men responds by shooting at Steve. Diana puts her arm in front of Steve’s chest, deflecting the bullet.

Steve quickly realizes that asking Diana to stand back is not the ideal way to let this play out, and she advances on the other men, blocking their fire and incapacitating them one by one. As Steve marvels at Diana’s abilities and asks if she has anything else, she takes out her Lasso of Truth and ensnares one of the men.

6. Heroics at the Mall

Wonder Woman 1984 (2020)

A robbery plot goes awry at a mall. In an act of desperation, one of the would-be thieves dangles a little girl over the balcony, saying he can’t go back to jail. Diana breaks through the glass ceiling above, sweeping the child from the man’s arms and delivers her to safety.

In her full Wonder Woman regalia, she swings from the Lasso of Truth and eliminates the criminals using her strength and agility. The stunned customers watch on, and Diana spares a wink at a little girl who winks right back. As police arrive on the scene, Wonder Woman drops the criminals on one of the police cruisers to be taken in for justice. She manages to keep the customers safe without causing any further harm.

5. Battle in the Village of Veld

Wonder Woman (2017)

With No Man’s Land behind them, Diana, her companions, and the rest of the soldiers advance on the heart of the Village of Veld. As Diana breaks through the window of a building held by enemy soldiers, her full fighting prowess is unleashed while her theme plays for the first time in her own movie.

As Diana arrives at the village square, Steve and the others provide back up. When a sniper has them pinned down, Steve remembers seeing the Amazonian warriors use a shield to launch one of their own into the air to fight. Using a tank door, Steve and two of their companions catapult Diana toward the sniper’s tower. Ramming into it shield first, Diana takes out the final soldier and frees the village.

4. Renouncing Her Wish

Wonder Woman 1984 (2020)

Diana and Steve watch the world devolve into chaos as Maxwell Lord continues to grant wishes with the Monkey’s Paw. Diana is weakened by her wish to bring Steve back, and both of them recognize what needs to be done. Seeking refuge from the pandemonium, Steve quietly tells Diana that he had a good life and that the world needs her. At first she refuses to give up her wish, knowing that it means having to say goodbye Steve.

They share one last kiss, and he tells her, “I’ll always love you, Diana, no matter where I am.” She tells him she loves him too, and renounces her wish. Her powers return as she feels the pain and rage of needing to say goodbye far too soon. As she leaps into the sky, she remembers Steve telling her about flying a plane. With his voice in her head, Wonder Woman learns to fly.

3. Versus Ares

Wonder Woman (2017)

Diana left Themyscira to confront Ares, and she finally finds herself face-to-face with him. As the two battle one another, Diana watches in anguish when Steve sacrifices himself to save to the day. Filled with rage, she comes close to seeking revenge and attacking Dr. Maru, the scientist responsible for creating the weapons Steve gave his life to destroy.

She thinks back to before the battle, brief moment shared with Steve. He told her that he loves her and through his noble sacrifice, Steve exemplifies the very best humanity has to offer. Wonder Woman spares Dr. Maru and directs her attention back toward Ares. She tells him that humans are more than their faults, thus embracing her true purpose to love and protect humanity. She defeats Ares and helps end the war.

2. Saving the World from Cheetah and Maxwell Lord

Wonder Woman 1984 (2020)

Having renounced her wish, Diana arrives to confront Maxwell Lord in the Golden Eagle Armor of the Amazonians. She finds Barbara, fully transformed into Cheetah, waiting. After it becomes clear that she will not reason with her, Diana and Cheetah face off. Diana ultimately triumphs, and goes on to try to stop Maxwell Lord from broadcasting the powers of the Monkey’s Paw.

She acknowledges that although she wanted Steve back, the world was already good as it was. She speaks of the value of the truth. Maxwell refuses to renounce his wish, but then realizes that Diana had used the Lasso of Truth to take over the broadcast and speak to everyone in the world. She speaks compassionately, understanding why people wished for what they did. In the end, though, she tells them to renounce their wish because the world depends on it. Thanks to her compassion and the value she places on the truth, Wonder Woman helps all of humankind save their own world.

1. No Mans’ Land

Wonder Woman (2017)

Diana has many powerful moments throughout her two solo movies, but the most remarkable by far is her charge across No Man’s Land. She hears that innocent people are in danger, and implores Steve to alter their mission and help free the villagers. He tells her that they can’t save everyone, and she refuses to accept his answer. Donning her late aunt’s tiara, she throws off her cloak and climbs out of the trenches.

Revealing her iconic outfit for the first time, she deflects bullets with her gauntlets as everyone watches in stunned amazement. Inspired and recognizing that she is standing alone, the others rise from the trenches and successfully cross No Man’s Land with Wonder Woman leading the way. This scene spectacularly displays two of Diana’s most admirable qualities: her courage and her compassion for those in need.

With a warrior’s incredible skill and bravery, a goddess’ kind and compassionate heart, and a hero’s commitment to what is right and true, Wonder Woman inspires those around her and audiences alike. She learns from every experience she has and is unwavering in her service to humanity, no matter what dangers or sacrifices it entails for her.

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