Spot Sideshow and Hot Toys in the She-Hulk Season Finale!

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is known for its blink-and-you’ll-miss-it special appearances. Sometimes these are highly anticipated cameos, like Daredevil’s, uh, smashing guest spot on She-Hulk. Other times, these special appearances are from classic Marvel collectibles!

During the She-Hulk season finale, Jennifer Walter’s fourth wall break into the writers office also brings in some exciting shots of Marvel statues and collectibles. Here at Sideshow, we recognize a geeky office when we see one. So let’s recap some of the Marvel collectibles Jen encounters!

Thanos on Throne Maquette

The Mad Titan must have his throne. And all must bow before him. These things are inevitable. Thus the Thanos on Throne Maquette by Sideshow is the reception area centerpiece. Marvel devotees can sit near him — if they dare — and bask in his excellence.

The Thanos on Throne Maquette is long sold out. However, you can still find myriad incredible Thanos collectibles on our website.

Infinity Gauntlet Prop Replica

Off in the corner there is the Infinity Gauntlet Prop Replica by Hot Toys. It’s Life-Size. It is unsettling and domineering. But it’s also just really freaking cool. Honestly, it’s as though Thanos and the Avengers finished with the gauntlet and then promptly set it up in the office like a museum piece. And that’s what we’d expect with Hot Toys’ quality and commitment to detail.

If you’re sad about missing out on this one, never fear. You can still collect the Nano Gauntlet (Hulk Version) Life Size Replica as well as Nano Gauntlet Life-Size Replica. Both were created by Hot Toys with incredible similarity to the life-saving items used in Avengers: Endgame. Smaller scale collectors can also find these gauntlets in sixth scale accessory format with the Iron Man Mark LXXXV figure, Hulk figure, and Rocket Raccoon figure.

Hulk Premium Format Figure

This one is for the OG Avengers! Can you spot that Hulk statue behind this nervous receptionist? He’s big, mean, green, and wearing torn purple pants. Found him yet? Good. Because that’s one of the very first Hulk Premium Format™ Figures Sideshow made. It’s so sold out that it’s not even on our website anymore!

Of course Hulk got a long time in the spotlight. After all, it’s his cousin’s show. Plus, this classic look in statue form is a nice parallel to the Savage She-Hulk era dream that Jen has at the start of the episode. Nicely done, set designers.

Life-Size Iron Man Figures

Are these some of Tony Stark’s screen-worn suits? Or are they Life-Size Iron Man Figures? We can’t be certain, but it’s absolutely amazing to see this small corner of the Iron Man Hall of Armor at Marvel Studios. Well, it’s at least at the She-Hulk set piece that is the studio. We’d probably have to sign an NDA a mile long to see the real thing, on screen or IRL.

But listen. It’s no coincidence these Iron Man suits having such a prominent place. Iron Man really kickstarted the MCU back in 2008. Every little Marvel movie and series thumbnail Jen rifles through on the Disney+ homepage is a testament to Iron Man’s legacy. And every Iron Man collectible made since lets fans take home a slice of that history for themselves.

More Marvel Collectibles

On the back wall, under the MARVEL STUDIOS sign, even more Marvel collectibles abound. There are Captain Marvel figures and Captain America figures, as well as smaller action figures. We spot Shang-Chi and company above some She-Hulk art. So forget talking one-on-one with K.E.V.I.N. — we want a closer look at this particular shelf, stat!

Lil Dumpster Fire

Nikki, how we adore you. And how fitting it is that you have the Lil Dumpster Fire on your work desk. This adorable vinyl collectible features a smile and a flame to show how we’re just grinning through some really complex life situations. Nikki’s attitude is perfectly in sync with this hilarious little collectible.

Oh, and, fun fact! The Lil Dumpster Fire is made by 100% Soft. If you think that sounds familiar, or that the Dumpster Fire style is reminiscent of something else, you’re correct. 100% Soft designed that Avingers/Avongers merchandise that Nikki and Pug so graciously bought on their quest to upgrade Jen’s fashion game.

From designer collectible toys to action figures and more, this episode of She-Hulk really showed us how integral collecting is to the geek community.

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