The Court Of The Dead Factions and Their Leaders

Court of the Dead is a dark fantasy horror story that follows Death, or The Alltaker, an entity of many mysteries. Forced to collect soul energy called etherea for the warring sides of Heaven and Hell, The Alltaker devised a plan to end the war and bring balance to the universe. But to do so he needed trustworthy allies to advise him.

Thus in Illverness, The Court of the Dead was born — a council of powerful beings with their own agendas and ambitions. These beings were split into 3 diverse Factions: Flesh, Spirit, and Bone*. Among The Court, three leaders were chosen for those Underworld Factions. Below, let’s meet these leaders and learn of their Factions’ values, ideals, strengths, and weaknesses.

*You can discover your own Faction with our Faction Quiz.

Gethsemoni and the Flesh Faction

The Faction of Flesh is led by Queen Gethsemoni. This highly skilled necromancer is Death’s lover and queen of the Underworld. She wields tremendous power and influence, utilizing a nubile and confident presence to command spies, generals, and soldiers. The Shaper of Flesh, Gethsemoni gives form to new mourners when they arrive in the Underworld, and thus has made marks on almost every being that has traversed the great city.

Gethsemoni’s Faction members use the artistic magic of recrypting and recreating flesh to alter themselves and others. They are courageous — often to a dangerous degree, living and fighting regardless of the consequences. Because members of Flesh Faction are so capable of quick adaptation, they can also be mercurial in mood and mind.

Followers of Flesh thrive in chaos. They’re impulsive, and don’t mind if plans change last minute. As creative creatures, they can bend a situation to their will. Sometimes it’s difficult to discern what they’re truly passionate about, because passion radiates from each of them as they throw themselves headfirst into everything they do. With their emotions constantly fluctuating between strong and uncontrollable, they are the greatest friends as well as the greatest enemies — and sometimes, they’re both.

Members of Flesh Faction could seek to unite the aspects of each Faction as well as their own lives with some teachings from Bone, who promote structure. The Spirit Faction would offer these anarchic beings lives without greed or abundance, to further connect them with their inner selves rather than filling themselves with external pleasures or validation.

Ellianastis, Kier, and the Spirit Faction

The leader of Spirit Faction, Ellianastis, invites mourners to focus on what is truly important: unity, not war. The Great Oracle spends the majority of her time in Illverness’ great library, the Higst Athenaeum, studying ancient philosophies. Welcoming all to learn with her, Ellianastis is a mentor to many mourners. Her greatest protege is the de facto leader of the Spirit Faction, Kier.

Kier, Death’s First Sword, is a fallen angel. Cast out for her impurities, the vengeful, raging Kier is Death’s adopted daughter. She is far more present in the Underworld, on and off battlefields, as the representative of Spirit Faction. Unlike her teacher Ellianastis, however, Kier’s future is far bloodier, and where The Great Oracle pursues secret texts, Kier pursues violence as a means to bring unity to Illverness.

Despite these two seemingly disparate ideologies, both Kier and Ellianastis wholly represent Spirit Faction. They are wise and curious, often going outside the physical self to pursue greatness. Unencumbered by greed, they have goals, but are less worried about the time it takes to get to them. Physical possessions are worthless. Followers of Spirit tend to be easygoing, enlightened. But this carefree attitude can be to a fault — Spirit Faction members, especially those who practice spiritmandering, can drift into nothingness, or venture so far deep inside their own heads that it’s nearly impossible to get them out.

In terms of an Underworld United, those in Spirit should consider connecting with their physical selves to further their connections with other mourners and to remain more grounded in their environments. Like followers of Bone, beings who lean toward the Spirit Faction might benefit from structure so that they can complete a project rather than drift from interest to interest, never achieving one idea’s fullest potential.

Xiall and the Bone Faction

Xiall, The Great Osteomancer, leads Bone Faction. This authoritative leader adheres to tradition and believes Bone is the only true path, the only Underworld Faction that will ensure a productive and successful future. With Xiall’s might, knowledge of arcane arts, and unwavering will, Illverness will be safe from the Celestial War.

Bone means order, structure, discipline. Followers of the Faction of Bone often excel in mathematics. Their magic, osteomancy, is the precise science of divination. Their allegiance makes them incredible strategists and planners. If a mourner belongs to the Bone Faction, they are a problem-solver and a great thinker. They are also prone to overthinking, analyzing an issue from every single angle in order to ensure victory, to leave no stone unturned no matter how small or seemingly insignificant.

Members of the Bone Faction are often accused of being emotionless. Emotions are even viewed as a weakness. Such a lack of empathy can quickly turn to cruelty, as they value practicality over passion. With ruthless ambition, they execute their rigid plans to achieve their goals, usually without regard for the mourners that get in their way.

In order to unite the Underworld, followers of Bone would benefit from the compassion and pure, unfiltered enjoyment in life and pleasure that Flesh Faction celebrates. Furthermore, they could find true balance, rather than a manufactured, perfect split between duty and desire, with peaceful, dreamy sentiments from Spirit.

What is your Court of the Dead Faction, and to which leader do you pledge your allegiance? Let us know in the comments, and don’t forget — only with the Underworld United can we RISE, CONQUER, and RULE!®