So Cute You Could Die: Adorably Deadly Horror Collectibles

Halloween and spooky season lovers, it’s your time! To do what? Well, it’s your time to collect, decorate, and delight in all the autumn offerings, of course! For some of you that might mean getting the goriest, most horrifying statues and yard decor you can find. But for others, perhaps, the creepy and the cute go hand in hand.

We’re talking monster plushies, cuddly cryptids, and chibi-fied slashers. ‘Tis the season to embrace the adorable and the abnormal, after all. Below, take a look at a curated list of the cutest horror collectibles that has to offer.

Jason Statue

He’s just like a trick-or-treater! The Jason (Halloween Version) Statue by Star Ace Toys Ltd is stylized to include an oversized head on a tiny body, making him as adorably round as that pumpkin accessory. At this scale, all his little weapons will make you go awww! rather than aaah! as you set him next to the candy bowl.

Oogie Boogie Plush

Squeeze the Oogie Boogie Zippermouth Premium Plush by Quantum Mechanix and the silliest bugs will pop out! This Nightmare Before Christmas character already looks extra cuddly in his burlap sack body, and now he can actually be hugged and loved by you. Just be sure to have some snake and spider stew on hand when this vilest of ghouls stops in.

Court-Toons Collectible Set

See the heroes of Illverness in a whimsical new light! The Kier, Relic Ravlatch, and Malavestros Court-Toons Collectible Statue Set by Sideshow is perfect for fans new to the property as well as those familiar with these characters. Their sweet faces and small details reveal hints of their complex backgrounds and personalities — are you ready to dive into the lore with these cuties as your guides?

Robbie the Rabbit Statue

Who doesn’t love a beaming bunny? The Robbie the Rabbit Statue by Gecco Co comes in four different colors to satisfy every collector’s nightmares — er, dreams. Furthermore, each color even has a different message engraved on the chainsaw, and features subtle paint differences in the knife finish. Bouncing around your shelf, this bloody baby is sure to keep the spooky scary festivities going all season long.

Xenomorph Q-Fig

Don’t you just want to scratch its belly and tell this creature what a good monster it has been? The Xenomorph Q-Fig by Quantum Mechanix takes the perfect killing machine and makes it bite size. Perhaps even at this scale it still makes you shiver. But isn’t that all the more reason to add it to your Alien collectibles display? There’s always a little more space for something so cute!

Fur Ball Designer Collectible Toy

He’s like a plastic puppy! The Fur Ball Designer Collectible Toy by Unruly Industries will help you fur-get the troubles of any ruff night. Although those fangs look menacing, this collectible has a pawsitive attitude and a smile to cure your blues. Pair him with your own pet for the best family Halloween greeting card in the neighborhood.

Brightmare “Jahbreaker” SuperJanky

Time to paint the town polka-dotted! Brimming with vibrant colors and barely contained rage, the Brightmare “Jahbreaker” SuperJanky by SuperPlastic is part fun and part frightening, like a good dream skewed sideways. Satisfy both your inner child and your horror loving adult sides when you bring this sickly sweet friend home.

WerePup Cooper Doll

If you want to care for a pup with some added scare factor, try the WerePup Cooper Collectible Doll by Trick or Treat Studios. Cooper is the actual size and weight of a newborn with added wolfish charm, including the Halloween colored jumpsuit and fuzzy face. So keep yourself company this October with your own werewolf baby! And don’t worry — this beastly bambino only howls for full moons!

Will you be adding any of these corrupted cuties to your shelf? Share your display in our Atomic Misfits Facebook Group, and don’t forget to Let Your Geek Sideshow!