Danger Girl: Abbey Chase and the Team!

Danger Girl is not a helpless damsel in distress, nor is Danger Girl one single person. Danger Girl is actually a team of highly skilled female secret operatives who simply cannot resist the call of a dangerous mission.

Abbey Chase is the lens through which we get to see the exciting world of danger mystery, and treasure hunting. She’s the fearless leader of the Danger Girls and a top tier spy. Who is her team? Let’s meet the operatives behind Danger Girl!


Deuce is the founder of the Danger Girl team, and happens to be the only male in the organization. He is a formerly-retired British Secret Service Agent, but saw the potential in quite a few young and talented women around the world and so was persuaded to help design and oversee the operation of Danger Girl.

Deuce is the mission controller, but only goes out into the field when he needs to retrieve the girls from their missions. His real name has never been revealed for certain, but there are quite a few interesting theories…

Abbey Chase

Abbey Chase has always been an adventurer. Before she ever became a Danger Girl, she was a treasure hunter, fighting against many villainous foes and collecting some of the most interesting artifacts in the world.

She is well-versed in world history, speaks a plethora of different languages, and is of course a phenomenal spy. She’s fought against international criminal organizations and the Hammer Empire. Eventually, she became the field commander of the Danger Girls. Her tactical expertise has been captured in the Abbey Chase Premium Format™ Figure from Sideshow, inspired by her unshakable attitude and high-octane adventures in the field.

Sydney Savage

Sydney Savage was originally a member of the Australian Special Air Service Regiment. She is a talented pilot and an excellent agent. She supports the rest of the team in all of their missions, and is known for her sassy attitude and unorthodox techniques.

While many of the team members in Danger Girl have their doubts and concerns, Sydney Savage is absolutely fearless. She’s able to learn how to use nearly any weapon quickly, and fights in such an unpredictable way that most of her enemies don’t know how to fight back.

Natalia Kassle

Natalia Kassle was one of the original members of Danger Girl. Little is known about her past, but it is known that she was raised in Russia. She’s a ruthless killer and incredibly hardy.

She nearly lead the Danger Girl team to their deaths, and even faked her own death to trick the team. Natalia was revealed to be a double agent, secretly working with the evil organization Hammer as one of their agents. When Natalia is revealed to be a traitor, Abbey Chase takes her place as Danger Girl field commander, leading to a tense rivalry between the women.

Silicon Valerie

Silicon Valerie is the most tech savvy of all the Danger Girls. And yes, while they are all particularly capable with their spy gear, Silicon Valerie takes it to the next level. She is a Danger Girl, but she is too young to be out in the field like Abbey Chase and Sydney Savage.

Instead, she stays behind with Deuce and helps with strategy and communications. She is arguably the most intelligent of the Dangers Girls, even though she might not be the most experienced. Valerie graduated top of her class from Oxford before she could even obtain a driver’s license.

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