Take Over with the Darkseid Maquette Statue from Sideshow

Who’s stronger than Doomsday, more strategic than Ares, and more relentless than The Joker? Darkseid is…

Now, the Darkseid Maquette, a DC Statue by Sideshow Collectibles, is available to rule over your DC Comics collection.

Darkseid Maquette Details

The Darkseid Maquette Statue towers at an imposing 24 inches tall. Rippling muscles and weathered armor are fully sculpted in polystone, with a helmeted portrait and the stance of a true tyrant. The gray skin, burning eyes, and textured blue costume are all expertly recreated based on Darkseid’s iconic, and terrifying, design by Jack Kirby for DC Comics.

As always, Darkseid’s Omega insignia is prominently displayed on his armor. This symbol of ultimate destruction reflects Darkseid’s horrific Omega abilities. Not only can he fire Omega Beams from his eyes, but Darkseid is also a skilled telepath and manipulator of time and matter. Even Superman and Wonder Woman, for all their otherworldly power, struggle against Darkseid.

In statue form, Darkseid’s massive hand is outstretched, reaching for his next nefarious plan with an open palm that is painted with a heat-like color effect. As a result, the Darkseid Maquette is dynamically posed as if his audience is about to face the wrath of an Omega blast. He stands triumphant atop a ruined beam from the Hall of Justice, a themed base fitting of such a formidable super-villain.

Dark Side of the Boom

Not surprisingly, Darkseid’s past is rife with corruption and betrayal. As the son of an Old God, specifically the Old God of Evil, Darkseid was always destined for darkness. He grew hungry for power and stole from the Old Gods, eventually abolishing their entire order and establishing himself as a New God, the ruler of the hellscape known as Apokolips.

On Apokolips, Darkseid is the God of Tyranny. Above all else, his goal is to obtain the Anti-Life Equation, which would put the entire universe under his control. He commands an army of Parademons, which do his bidding and keep order over his miserable, fire pit-covered planet, as well as a terrifying squadron of Female Furies. Long ago, a brutal war pushed Apokolips and its neighboring planet, New Genesis, into the Fourth World. Now, they are only accessible by Boom Tube, an alien technology understood by a select few, such as Cyborg.

Aside from the heroes of the Justice League, not many can stand up to Darkseid’s mighty Omega power. One such person is Darkseid’s brother, Highfather, the ruler of New Genesis. Highfather’s New Genesis heroes are frequent enemies of Darkseid, as are some of Darkseid’s own children, like his estranged son Orion and his secret daughter, Grail.

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