DC Comics: Harley Quinn’s Hobbies and Interests

All work and no play makes Harley Quinn a dangerous gal! Once a renowned psychologist, Harleen Quinzel studied hard to get her PhD and carry a shiny clipboard through the DC Comics universe. There are plenty of Arkham Asylum inmates to observe, after all.

But now those dull days are behind her. Currently the Clown Princess of Crime fills her days with things that make life a whole lot more interesting. Below, we’re breaking down Harley’s hobbies and interests β€” in other words, how she makes super stuffy Gotham City into her personal playground!

Roller Derby

For Harley Quinn, roller skating isn’t just a hobby. It’s a lifestyle! Harley Quinn not only hits the streets on wheels to travel faster, she participates in roller derby races! This extreme sport involves roller skates, knee pads, and ruthlessness. Lucky for Harley, she’s well qualified. And when those roller skates aren’t on her feet, they make for some awesome weapons. Just watch Birds of Prey to see how Harley handles her old pair in a fist fight.

Bank Robbery

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. So are dollar bills, gold bars, money bags … Harley Quinn isn’t picky. Hey, a gal’s gotta eat! And how do you think she affords her snazzy costume? But the life Harley Quinn leads doesn’t exactly open up legal lines of work. To combat this minor setback, Harley hits Gotham City’s banks. With billionaires such as Bruce Wayne setting up safety deposit boxes, Harley and her associates have limitless access to the funds they need.

Quality Time with The Joker

Sometimes you need a relaxing day in with the boo β€” or an explosive date night out. Whatever their plans, Harley Quinn is sure to celebrate her moments with The Joker because the two of them have plenty of hobbies in common. From stealing valuables and messing with Gotham’s citizens to setting fires and other villainous acts, The Joker and Harley Quinn can always fill their days with shared interests. While they might not be the best role models for a functional relationship, their hours of quality time spent together are certainly admirable.

Puzzles and Building Blocks

As a doctor, Harley clearly has a sharp mind and a penchant for memorization. No wonder her hobbies include puzzles and games, then. Harley Quinn knows exactly how to stack oversized building blocks so that she can sit safely atop them. Plus, she can fit other knick knacks in between to make her own puzzle picture. The pieces all come together in a masterpiece of mayhem.

Painting and Crafting

This clown is CRAZY creative! Her artistic skills shine through more than just her impeccably applied makeup. Harley’s also fond of decorating the bombs she sets up around the town. Also, she’s always painting the town red … sometimes even without actual paint. Finally, Harley Quinn’s sewing skills are on full display with her plush toy collection. The Batman and The Joker plush dolls in her hideout are gruesomely adorable. Are these chew toys for Bud and Lou? Or just pincushions for when Harley is in a stabby mood? Either way, her doll making abilities shouldn’t be discounted!

Acrobatics and Weight Lifting

Don’t let her dainty poses fool you β€” Harley Quinn is hiding some impressive muscles under that skin-tight suit. Since she’s able to lift a heavy hammer and strike her leg up into the sky at the same time, it’s clear Harley hits the gym regularly. Do you think other Gothamites run into her at Zumba, or spot her on the bench? Maybe she even uses home exercise tapes whenever there’s a warrant out for her arrest. But she’s definitely never skipping arm or leg days!

Target Practice

Finally, Harley has to keep her shooting skills up to snuff. Not about to miss her target β€” whether it be a person or property β€” Harley absolutely spends time practicing handling her various weapons. And knowing Harley, she must have tons of fun learning new ways to make people scream (from fun, of course)! In any case, if Harley is holding a gun, she knows exactly how to use it. You have to admire a woman who can be so self-motivated to achieve her goals.

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What hobbies and interests do you have? Do any of them align with Harley Quinn’s? Let us know in the comments, and don’t forget to Let Your Geek Sideshow!