Who Are DC Comics’ Most Powerful Magic Users?

There are countless powerful magic users in DC Comics, from Etrigan to John Constantine. It seems every corner of the Omniverse has some new and mystifying source of power. But some are better than others at using power to get what they want, and the following magic users far exceed any others who dabble in the arcane arts.

This list will explore the most powerful magic users in DC Comics, from super-powerful to impossibly powerful.

Alan Scott

Alan Scott uses the magical entity called the Starheart to summon forth the power of the Green Lantern. He has the true power of a Green Lantern, and as we’ve seen over the years, the Green Lanterns can do anything they imagine. However, Alan’s powers are unique among the Green Lanterns because of the source.

While he can create energy constructs and fly, Alan can also manipulate gravity, light, and so much more. Over the years, he has grown so in tune with this power that his actual body is composed of the green flame of the Starheart. He is pure willpower and pure magic.


June Moon is the host of a supernatural entity known only as the Enchantress. While June is innocent and benevolent, the Enchantress is often pure evil. She’s certainly made an impact on the supernatural society, but she’s often kept in check by playing a role on Amanda Waller’s Suicide Squad. Enchantress has the ability to create countless clones, each with the ability to perform all her magic as well. She can raise the dead and heal the living. With a snap of her fingers, she change reality if she so chooses.

Though her power could grow, the Enchantress herself will go mad without June Moon to keep her grounded. It’s this unique relationship that makes Enchantress so compelling, all while limiting her power.

Klarion (Young Justice)

There is a comic book version of Klarion as well as a version we meet in Young Justice. Certainly Klarion the Witch Boy in the comics is powerful, but his power is far greater in Young Justice as one of the Lords of Chaos personified. Klarion’s power comes from far beyond Earth. His supernatural powers rely on and draw from the power of the concept of Chaos itself.

However, cosmically speaking, Klarion’s abilities are perfectly balanced against Order. For this reason, heroes who act on behalf of Order can often overpower Klarion, since his magic, though dangerous, is still limited. After all, Klarion must have a physical anchor, so he keeps a familiar. His anchor is a little cat named Teekl, and should Teekl be removed from any situation, Klarion will have no physical form and return to the cosmos.


Perhaps it’s a surprise to see Ragman on this list. After all, Rory Regan isn’t omnipotent, all-powerful, or really even considered particularly magical. But to understand his full magical potential, we have to see beyond the modern-day Rory Regan and understand the very nature of his magic.

Ragman can absorb souls, and then use all of the skills, strengths, and memories of the souls at will. Perhaps the modern Ragman does not possess endless magical ability, but given time, Ragman could possess any and every skill known to man. His strength can only grow, and his magic can only shine brighter.

Doctor Fate

Nabu the Wise was a Lord of Order. He is a cosmic being that rivals the Lords of Chaos. Just like the Lords of Chaos, the Lords of Order have nearly limitless magical power. That power and spirit were entrusted to a wielder through the specific conduit called the Helmet of Fate. When a hero dons the helmet, they become Doctor Fate. The helmet grants Doctor Fate access to countless spells of nearly any purpose. Their strength and durability are augmented so that they may withstand even Kryptonian punches.

The power is great, but the power does not belong to the being who wears the helmet. They are effectively only a host for the will of the Lords of Order. As a result, Doctor Fate CAN do almost anything — but it’s uncertain at times what they WILL do.


Zatanna Zatara has incredible abilities of magic, specifically through the creative use of logomancy. Logomancy is simply the ability to cast a spell by speaking backward. Nearly all of her spells are effective, powerful, and brought to life with only spoken word. Truly, her greatest weakness is that she must speak to use her power. If she has her voice, her powers are near limitless.

She is constrained by rules of magic that some beings are not because she is intentionally working to keep the world safe. Zatanna is careful not to use risky magics, lest they have unintended effects. All her knowledge of magic makes her an even more powerful mage.


Mamaragan is also known as the Wizard. He is the Dreamtime’s God of Thunder who gave the powers of Shazam to Billy Batson, Mary Marvel, Black Adam, and the whole Shazam family. He is a member of the Council of Eternity and has the ability to take and grant superhuman abilities of grand proportion. Most famously, he imbued Billy Batson with his powers, and oftentimes, Shazam is shown to be as powerful as Superman.

All these powers belong to Mamaragan to grant to as many as individuals he desires. He is immortal and survives as pure energy even if he his stripped of his corporeal form. There is no way to truly defeat him, and there is no way to estimate the exact scope of his magical ability.

Mister Mxyzptlk

One of the most powerful beings that we regularly interact with in the comics is a fifth-dimensional imp by the name of Mxyzptlk. He is not particularly powerful compared to other fifth-dimensional imps, of which there are plenty, but within the third dimension, where all of our stories take place, he can do anything. Perhaps it’s worth emphasizing again. Mister Mxyzptlk can do ANYTHING.

The only limit to his power is his own made-up rule: He promises to return to the fifth-dimension if he is convinced to say his own name backward. Our whole world is just a game to him, and so he rarely causes terrible harm. He’s mostly just a pestering jester who is purely delighted to play with Superman.

The Spectre

The Spectre is the divine Spirit of Vengeance, empowered by the entity known only as The Presence. The Presence is often regarded as the most powerful God of the DC Omniverse, with The Spectre being the second most powerful being. He is nigh-omnipotent, and capable of altering reality in nearly any way. In fact, just like Mister Mxyzptlk, he can do effectively anything.

However, similar to Klarion, he requires an anchor. Specifically, The Spectre requires a human host. His strength, magic, energy, and invulnerability far surpass nearly all other super heroes. There are few things he cannot do, so long as he is acting in accordance with the will of The Presence.

Black Alice

While The Spectre has the ability to perform nearly any imaginable magical feat, Black Alice has quite the upper hand. She doesn’t even need to imagine magical abilities to use! Black Alice, born Lori Zechlin, has the ability to borrow the powers of other magical users.

When she takes their powers, she can use them however she wants. There is no limit to her ability, allowing her to steal from any target regardless of where they are in the universe. And furthermore, she’s powerful enough to take the powers of even The Spectre himself. While she’s still learning to control her powers, it’s fair to say that she is the most powerful mage in all of DC Comics.

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