Sideshow’s Star Wars Fan Week 3D Interactive Booth Tour

Sideshow’s Fan Week celebrated STAR WARS™ in its entirety, from the light and dark sides of the Force to the galaxy’s greatest heroes and villains. From May 3— May 7, 2021, Sideshow brought you booth tours, product reveals, and more, making galaxy far, far away seem a bit closer to home.

Sideshow had exclusive tours and lots of new reveals, but now it’s time for you to explore all on your own with a Fan Week 3D Booth Tour! You can click around the screen below for your own personal look around the Sideshow custom-created booth with a variety of Star Wars collectibles.

We hope you enjoyed the intergalactic travels and had a galactic blast at Sideshow’s Fan Week. To see a full recap of all the biggest moments of the event, be sure to check out Sideshow’s Fan Week Event Wrap-Up.

You can to tune in to Sideshow on social media for any more upcoming events- including Iron Man Day on May 29th– and as always, don’t forget to Let Your Geek Sideshow!