Fan Week: Event Wrap-Up

Sideshow’s Fan Week celebrated STAR WARS in its entirety, from the light and dark sides of the Force to the galaxy’s greatest heroes and villains. From May 3—May 7, 2021, Sideshow brought you booth tours, product reveals, and more. You can revisit at the full schedule on our blog.

Every day fans were treated to giveaways, live content, game shows, and Sideshow rewardsPlus, fans who registered in advance also got exclusive access to extra rewards and giveaway opportunities sent straight to their e-mail inboxes!

Did you miss out on any of this intergalactic bash? Check out all the highlights from Fan Week below.


The first giveaway was an Instant Giveaway on Monday, May 3 where Jennifer A. won the Han Solo™ Premium Format™ Figure. During our other instant giveaways on May 5 and 7, Elizabeth H., Philip W., Michael H., and Mark G. won the Darth Maul™ ARTFX Statue, the Tusken Raider™ ARTFX Statue, the TASCHEN Star Wars™ Arhives 1999-2005, and the Lando Calrissian™ (Skiff Guard) Sixth Scale Figure, respectively.

Congratulations to you all!

Finally, the Gleam grand prize winner, Jonathan W., took home the Grogu™ Life-Size Figure. Enjoy your newly founded clan of two!

Social Giveaways

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  • Mitch T. won the 2015 STAR WARS™ #1 Variant Edition issue, hand-signed with cover art by Alex Ross.

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Facebook Group Highlights

We asked our Facebook Group members to participate in our week of STAR WARS fandom celebration, and you all accepted the challenge like Yoda lifting Luke Skywalker’s X-Wing™! Here are some lovely posts from the best geeks, insiders, collectors, and misfits around.

Will W. cosplayed as the Mandalorian.

Racksmile S. shared his Star Wars Hot Toys Sixth Scale Collection.

Jessi C. and her wife dressed up as Han and Leia.

Bethany P. made a Sarlaac Pit cake!

Contest Features

Let Your Statue Sideshow members dressed up as Tusken Raiders!


Let Your Geek Sideshow members cosplayed as their favorite Sith Lords!

Cobbled Cosplay

On Monday, Missy H. and Matt W. competed to bring balance–and fashion—to the Force. Alex A. and Joshy G. hosted the two Cobbled Cosplay veterans created their best at-home versions of the Luke Skywalker™ Deluxe Sixth Scale Figure by Sideshow. Matt ended up tipping the balance of the Force in his favor, giving his proxy player Leo. M this amazing prize.

You can watch their duel in this showdown replay, and check out some images from the episode below.

Cobbled Cosplay Supersized Showdown- Fan Edition!

Fan Week was a ton of fun, but one of the greatest parts was our first-ever fan-fueled episode of Cobbled Cosplay. Players auditioned to represent themselves and compete for their own prize. We had so much interest that we pulled everyone onscreen for a Cobbled Cosplay Supersized Showdown! Catch up on the full episode on our YouTube or revisit the costumes in the images below.

Logan and Colin dressed as the Han Solo™ in Carbonite Sixth Scale Figure, with Colin emerging victorious.

Jadin and Steve dressed as the Mythos Obi-Wan Kenobi Sixth Scale Figure, with Steve taking the lead.

Jack and Lauren dressed as the Jet Trooper™ Sixth Scale Figure by Hot Toys, with Lauren winning this round.

Sam and Andrew dressed as the Tusken Raider Statue by Kotobukiya, with Andrew triumphing.

Finally, Chris and John dressed as the IG-11™ Statue by Kotobukiya, with John becoming the final Cobbled Cosplay Supersized Showdown: Fan Episode winner.

Do you want a chance to compete on a future episode? Learn how to submit your audition videos through our How To Audition To Be On Cobbled Cosplay blog. To get an idea of what you’d be asked to do, you can watch past episodes with the Cobbled Cosplay playlist, and look forward to more of these silly showdowns in the near future.

May the 4th Road Trip

On May 4th, host Guy Klender and producer Alan took the show on the road in Sideshow’s ‘Vandalorian’. They drove to Scum and Villainy Cantina in Hollywood where they gave away prizes, showed our audience around the venue, and celebrated the geekiest intergalactic holiday around in the ultimate Star Wars™ style.

To those of you who attended, we hope you had an amazing time. To those of you who didn’t get the chance to be there live, check out some snapshots right here.

May the 4th Be With You!

Booth Tours

On Tuesday, Sideshow brought you May the 4th® – a Booth Tour celebrating the light side of the Force.

On Wednesday, Sideshow brought you Revenge of the 5th – a Booth Tour celebrating the dark side of the Force.

On Thursday, May 6, the Unsealed and Revealed team took us through the Sixth Scale Figures on display. You can catch the next episode of Unsealed and Revealed, featuring the The Rise of SkywalkerKylo Ren™ Sixth Scale Figure by Hot Toys, on Tuesday, May 11 at 10 AM PT!

Echo and Hunter Sixth Scale Figures from The Bad Batch

Hopefully these Booth Tours made the galaxy far, far away seem a bit closer to home. You can get a better look at the display in our Star Wars™: May the 4th Be With You – Fan Week Booth Tour blog, or by watching the livestreams above.

Product Reveals

Sideshow offers a most impressive array of Star Wars™ collectibles. Through this event, we have added even more statues and sixth scales to our website. These include:

You can browse the full gallery and get all the links to new products on our New Star Wars Collectibles on May the 4th blog.

The Comics Haul

There was a special episode of The Comics Haul, a Sideshow-produced livestream and podcast that airs every Wednesday from 4 PM to 5 PM PT, focusing on weekly comics news, reviews, and more. The stream on May 5 explored comics from across the galaxy, with all your favorite characters, planets, and more.

Watch the Star Wars themed episode of The Comics Haul now! You can also catch the podcast playback and see our Star Wars comics recommendations on the Let Your Geek Sideshow website.

Trivial Cahoots

We had a BLAST with Tuesday’s episode of Trivial Cahoots. Audience members participated LIVE, answering between 15-20 questions about Star Wars™ characters, places, weapons, lore, and more. How do you think you would have done?

Trivial Cahoots succeeded because you, the fans, brought your A-game. We couldn’t be happier to have such funny, interesting, geeky friends.

Winners got Sideshow rewards and bragging rights.

If you’re interested in co-hosting a livestream like Trivial Cahoots, check out our How To Audition To Be a Sideshow Co-Host blog.

Galactic Blast

Galactic Blast is like the classic party game of White Elephant, but more ruthless. Contestants had the option to chose between a hidden, unknown prize—or to steal someone else’s prize! Here are our prizes and winners:


Upcoming Events

Iron Man Day May 29 2021 with giveaways, Sideshow rewards, livestreams.

Iron Man Day takes place on May 29, 2021—Tony’s Stark’s birthday! This event celebrates Marvel’s iconic Avenger with livestreams, game shows, and giveaways.

Level Up! Week is June 14 – 18, 2021. Celebrating gaming and video games, it will feature a booth tour, livestream content, giveaways, and more.

Anime Day is August 6, 2021. Sideshow will celebrate with livestreams, giveaways and more.

There are even more events coming up throughout 2021, but you’ll get all the details about those later. For now, mark your calendars and be sure to join in on the fun!

What was your favorite part of Fan Week? What streams and shows are you hoping to see during our next events? Let us know in the comments, and don’t forget to Let Your Geek Sideshow!