Star Wars™: May the 4th Be With You – Fan Week Booth Tour

Sideshow’s Fan Week celebrates STAR WARS in its entirety, from the light and dark sides of the Force to the galaxy’s greatest heroes and villains. From May 3—May 7, 2021, Sideshow is bringing you booth tours, product reveals, and more, making galaxy far, far away seem a bit closer to home.

Did you miss out on the exclusive live booth tours for May the 4th and Revenge of the 5th? Check out all the biggest new product reveals and highlights from Fan Week right here:


Sideshow revealed the highly anticipated Ahsoka Tano™ Premium Format™ Figure, measuring 19.5” tall and 14” wide as the battle-ready Togruta wields her iconic dual lightsabers. Surrounded by the crumbling structure of an ancient temple, Ahsoka steadies herself to use the Force and her former Jedi padawan training to confront the dangers of the dark side across the galaxy. Pre-orders for this piece began on May the 4th. The Ahsoka Tano™ Premium Format™ Figure is available for Pre-Order now.

The Anakin Skywalker Mythos Statue also debuted at the event, capturing Anakin Skywalker in the midst of the Clone Wars, as he tramples over B1 and B2 Battle droids. The piece comes with two portraits: one with his heroic scarred portrait and Jedi demeanor (shown above) and another with the red eyes of the Sith, signifying his descent to the dark side.

The Boba Fett Designer Collectible Figure mixes Star Wars with Jesse Hernandez’ classic Urban Aztec design by Unruly Industries. The range-finder is designed to look like an Aztec dragon, blending Mandalorian design with ancient artistry.

The Darth Vader Premium Format™ Figure showcased the intimidating presence of the iconic Sith Lord, with a sculpted undersuit and a posable fabric cape and tabard. He stands on a Mustafar castle platform with his hand clenched to use the Force.

Sideshow also revealed the return of the General Grievous Sixth Scale Figure, a detailed collectible that comes with a pair of split and fused arms, and a removable cape that has pockets specifically for holding the hilts of stolen Jedi lightsabers. The General Grievous Sixth Scale Figure measures massive 16″ tall, which stands a head above many of the other Star Wars sixth scale figures offered by Sideshow. This figure is now available for pre-order.

For fans of the Clone Wars animated series, the Obi-Wan Kenobi Sixth Scale Figure and Anakin Skywalker Sixth Scale Figure were both announced to great excitement. Each of these articulated Star Wars collectibles is sculpted to look like their animated counterparts with stylized portraits and accessories, as well as fully fabric costumes.

Hot Toys

Fan Week introduced us to two members of the brand new Star Wars animated series with the Echo Sixth Scale Figure and the Hunter Sixth Scale Figure (prototype pending licensor approval) by Hot Toys from the Television Masterpiece Series – Star Wars: The Bad Batch™. The Echo Sixth Scale Figure is available for Pre-Order.

Former ARC Trooper Echo joined the Bad Batch towards the end of the Clone Wars after his rescue from the Techno Union, while Hunter leads the team of highly skilled Clone variants with his heightened senses and stealth sensibilities.

Hot Toys also revealed an incredible sixth scale figure (prototype pending licensor approval) of Kuiil, the gruff but lovable ally to the Mandalorian. The Kuiil™ Sixth Scale Figure looked perfectly at home next to the Blurrg™ Sixth Scale Figure, also making its jaw-dropping debut. The Blurrg™ Sixth Scale Figure is available for pre-order now.

Fans were thrilled to see Din Djarin reconnect with this Nevarro beast in the Mandalorian™ and Blurrg™ Sixth Scale Figure Set. To see the Mandalorian’s ward, Grogu, connect with a Star Wars creature of his own, look no further than the Grogu™ Sixth Scale Figure Set, which features a Loth Cat, first introduced Star Wars: Rebels, plus a one-eyed frog from the planet Sorgan. This adorable collection features three different sculpts of Grogu, each hand-painted with exceptional detail, as well as a hovering pram with a specially designed stand. Both of these collectibles are available for pre-order now.

Hot Toys also introduced the Stormtrooper Commander™ Sixth Scale Figure, a highly detailed figure sculpted to match the live-action Stormtroopers seen in Star Wars™: The Mandalorian™. This Stormtrooper’s rank is signified by the orange pauldron resting on his right shoulder. We also got to see the new Artillery Stormtrooper Sixth Scale Figure, also from The Mandalorian. Both of these figures are available for pre-order now.

Finally, Hot Toys revealed the prototype (pending licensor approval) for the The Mandalorian and Swoop Bike Sixth Scale Figure Set, that comes with a highly detailed Mandalorian Sixth Scale Figure, which can be posed mounted on the Swoop Bike, and includes a small Grogu smiling in a carrier on the back of the bike.

And more!

Fan Week featured so much more, with a whole display from Beeline Creative. We had the Rancor Geeki Tikis Mug, Boba Fett Geeki Tikis Mug, Greedo Geeki Tikis Mug, Jabba the Hutt Geeki Tikis Mug with a Bib Fortuna Mini Muglet, Chewbacca Geeki Tikis Mug, The Mandalorian Geeki Tikis Mug, IG-11 Geeki Tikis Mug, and an exclusive The Child (Force Pose) Geeki Tikis Mug.

We also had Loungefly‘s The Child Cradle Mini Backpack and Bioworld‘s Ahsoka Tano Cosplay Mini Backpack. Fans also had a chance to spot even more Hot Toys collectibles from the world of The Mandalorian™– including Moff Gideon, the Dark Trooper, Bo-Katan Kryze, the Death Watch Mandalorian, Boba Fett, and the Tusken Raider.

Sideshow also showed off additional statue in the Mythos collection- Emperor Palpatine, Asajj Ventress, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Darth Maul– as well as the upcoming Moff Gideon Premium Format™ Figure and the Rancor Statue, coming soon. Even more Star Wars items from Sideshow’s history decorated the set, including some life-size pieces that really created an immersive booth environment for fans during this galactic celebration.

The whole booth was filled to the brim with a balance of the light side and the dark side of Star Wars characters and collectibles.

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