Frank Frazetta Day 2022: Frazetta Art Museum Tour

Frank Frazetta was a legendary fantasy and science fiction artist who created some of the most iconic images in the 20th century. Frazetta is accredited with redefining fantasy art itself. Not only did he illustrate epic characters and scenes, but he imbued layers of narrative into every painting. More than simply capturing a moment, he added a new story to whatever media — music, novel, magazine, movie — in which his art was found.

On Wednesday, February 9, 2022 — Frank Frazetta’s birthday! — Sideshow celebrated Frank Frazetta’s life and legacy with an exciting event day. The Frank Frazetta Day activities included giveaways, game shows, livestreams, and discussions with various artists who admire and have been influenced by Frazetta’s work. Furthermore, we conducted a super special LIVE interview at the Frazetta Art Museum in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania.

If you missed the Frazetta Art Museum tour when it aired, not to worry! You can watch the stream below or view the Frazetta Tour & Interview on the official Sideshow YouTube channel.

The Frazetta Art Museum houses the largest collection of Frank Frazetta’s original works. There you can view the paintings in their initial size, scope, and level of detail. The relaxing, intimate atmosphere of the cozy, red-roofed building and the freedom to examine Frazetta’s art at your leisure provides a stunning escape into the fantastical worlds and visions created by this iconic artist.

At the Frazetta Art Museum, our live Sideshow host helped our virtual audience browse Frazetta’s most famous paintings. We also saw statuesprints, and books inspired by Frazetta’s work. During this walkthrough, we were fortunate enough to be able to ask Frazetta family members Frank Jr. and Lori about the history of the museum. Additional conversation topics included famous visitors to the museum, rare art that hangs in the exhibit, pop culture that has been inspired by Frazetta, and Frazetta family history.


The man’s impact on pop culture as well as personal lives cannot be missed. His epic ink and pencil drawings, oil paintings, and watercolor illustrations have defined the aesthetics and look of fantasy and science fiction genre works for decades. Creators such as Guillermo del Toro (Crimson PeakHellboy) George Lucas (Star Wars™), George R.R. Martin (Game of Thrones) and many more have been endlessly inspired by Frazetta’s lavish designs.

Additionally, Frank Frazetta has left a lasting impression upon fans around the world. Recently we asked our Let Your Geek Sideshow Facebook Group members to share what Frank Frazetta’s art means to them. One member wrote:

I was born in 1971, so the late 70s and early 80s had a big impact on my aesthetic. The first Frazetta art I remember seeing was Silver Warrior on the side of a van. That image has never left me. Death Dealer I is such an iconic image and is the one I automatically associate with Frazetta.

See what many more Frazetta fans had to say in our Frank Frazetta Day: Sideshow Facebook Group Members Celebrate Frazetta’s Legacy blog.

What was your favorite part of the Frank Frazetta Day Art Museum Tour and Interview? Let us know in the comments, and don’t forget to Let Your Geek Sideshow!