Green Arrow’s Top Ten Trick Arrows

Oliver Queen is the Green Arrow, an archer with perfect aim and incredible acrobatic skills. He’s known for his wide array of trick arrows, varying in shapes, sizes, and functions. And all throughout Star City, he has hidden caches of arrows so that he can attack any problem in any variety of ways.

Every arrow is specialized and ready for the job, and the Green Arrow has a plan for every foe. Do you know the uses for all of these trick arrows? And which one is your favorite?

Router Arrow

We’ll start the list with one of the more unexpected types of arrows, something that you wouldn’t imagine rests in the quiver of the Emerald Archer. You might think that he’s a bit outdated using a bow and arrow in times of superpowers and world-breaking automatic weapons, but he’s more than tech-savvy.

He uses a router arrow to hack into computers and infiltrate the private files of morally corrupt businessmen. His espionage skills are on par with Batman.

Explosive Arrow

When a piercing arrow doesn’t seem powerful enough, or there’s too many enemies in the area, the Green Arrow has explosive arrows. They have delayed explosive release, so that even when they plunge into a surface or a wall, or even if they’re caught by a speedster or some other skilled archer, their detonation will always have perfect timing.

Perfect aim and perfect timing. Few heroes can claim the same.

Tranquilizer Arrow

Sometimes a fight will not solve your problem, especially if your good friend the Flash has just been brainwashed or turned evil. In a situation like that, you’ve got to be prepared for more subtle methods, because an arrow between his eyes would only add to your list of problems.

The Green Arrow carries tranquilizer arrows for those exact situations, and he has used them to get a brainwashed Flash to stop attacking him.

Syringe Arrow

Each arrow has been meticulously designed for a specific purpose. Not every arrow is designed to hurt or destroy. In fact, some arrows are made with the exact opposite purpose: to heal.

The Green Arrow is quick to whip up a cure for the diseases plaguing Star City. He takes matters into his own hands, and his own arrows! He’s got syringe tips to save all the sick and needy that he can.

Tracking Arrow

The Green Arrow has perfect aim, but sometimes, the target isn’t just a person: it’s a location. And he’s often shot arrows into the pockets of unsuspecting foes with plans of following behind them carefully.

In fact, he even misleads many malevolent miscreants by tricking them into thinking that they got away from a fight, but really, they’re just pawns in the Green Arrow‘s clever scheme.

Kryptonite Arrow

There are 52 Earths in the DC Multiverse and countless clones, and it’s all too much to keep track of. It’s hard enough to keep track of which metahumans are good or evil. Worse than anything is when the greatest heroes fall.

Just in case any Kryptonian causes a problem, Green Arrow always has an arrow made a pure Kryptonite that can pierce through any Superman or Supergirl‘s skin. In fact, he’s shot this arrow at Superman with only one arm! Did we mention he has perfect aim?

Cryonic Arrow

Usually, an arrow is good enough to stop somebody dead in their tracks. But sometimes you need to slow them down so they can just chill out. That’s exactly what the cryonic arrows do.

Green Arrow will often shoot the arrows at the ground so that they explode in a mist and freeze the feet of whoever he means to catch. This has slown down speedsters, frozen foes made of fire, and more.

Metaphysical Arrow

In the Arrowverse, Oliver Queen is entrusted with the impossible task of destroying the Book of Destiny, capable of rewriting the very fabric of reality. And how does he do it?

With a single arrow, imbued with powers unlike anything before. This metaphysical arrow completely destroys this otherwise invincible book.

Net Arrow

Despite having arrows more powerful than an all-powerful book, Green Arrow likes to keep it simple. He’d much rather have an efficient and non-lethal solution than something that over-complicates a situation and his morality.

Why kill a bad guy when you can simply capture him? Nothing does that better than his net arrows that completely tangle up his foes and manage the situation calmly and quickly.

Boxing Glove Arrow

What Top Ten Trick Arrows list would be complete with out the classic Green Arrow boxing glove arrow? It’s one of the trademarks of his character since his early days in the comics.

Nothing packs a punch quite like an arrow pulled back with 200 lbs of force and a straight shot to the jaw. That’ll knock out a villain just as good as any right hook. It’s iconic, to say the least.

What’s your favorite Green Arrow trick arrow?