The History of The Weapon Plus Program

In the Marvel Universe, the Weapon Plus program was created from fear. Fear of the unknown. Fear of the other, which in this case refers to mutants.

During World War II, leading scientists from around the world gathered together with the intent of creating super soldiers that would fight the battle against the mutants when the inevitable day came. After finding the secret notes of Dr. Nathaniel Essex (Mr. Sinister) and the success of Project Rebirth, the Weapon Plus program was given a green light.

These are just a few of the successful experiments created by the Weapon Plus Program through experimentation, brainwashing, cloning, and more.

Weapon I

Captain America was created by the United States government as a part of Project Rebirth, an initiative to create the perfect super soldiers. While the experiment was successful, all of the information surrounding the project died with the scientist who created it, Dr. Erskine. Without being able to learn the refined methods from the original scientist, other attempts at creating super-soldier serums varied greatly from Captain America’s.

When the Weapon Plus Program began, they retroactively considered him the first successful human weapon, Weapon I. Captain America has super strength, super speed, heightened reflexes, enhanced durability, and more thanks to the experimentation of Project Rebirth.

Weapon VI

Dr. Noah Burstein was an unethical scientist who experimented on inmates, specifically at Seagate Prison. It was there that Dr. Burstein met wrongly convicted prisoner Carl Lucas and recruited him as a volunteer for his experimental Super-Soldier process, based on attempts to imitate Captain America’s enhancements.

Submerged and electrified, Carl Lucas came out of the experimental chemical compound with extraordinary strength, speed, and bulletproof skin, on top of regenerative abilities. He used his abilities to break out of prison, and adopted the name Luke Cage.

Weapon X

The tenth installment of the Weapon Plus Program was a collaboration between the United States government and Canadian scientists who were willing to work towards similar goals- namely, to use or create mutants with the intent of developing mindless weapons for military purpose. Using mind control and memory erasing technology (and powers), the Weapon X program spawned more successful weapons than any other program before it. This was possible due to the program’s breakthrough, where they isolated Wolverine‘s healing factor and duplicated it into each of their experiments.

By using the healing factor to their advantage, they were able to ensure that the subjects could endure the torturous process and the poison from adamantium itself. Most notably, they coated Wolverine‘s skeleton with adamantium, making it indestructible. Wolverine notably hated the Weapon X program and after regaining his memories, tracked down a facility in Alberta, Canada to try to disable its cruel and immoral experimentation.

In fact, the Weapon X program was able to use Wolverine’s healing factor and amplify it to cure a cancer patient named Wade Wilson. Wade would join the program, and through Weapon X, he would become Deadpool. Despite his incredible healing factor keeping the cancer at bay, Deadpool wouldn’t be a part of the program for long because his abilities somewhat destabilized and ultimately left him covered in scars and lesions as the cancer came back from remission.

With his deformation, the Weapon Plus Program deemed him useless, since he could no longer be useful as an undercover spy or blend in with a crowd. And so, Deadpool was rejected from the Weapon X program, despite volunteering for it.

Sabretooth was subjected to the same violent and vile experiments as Wolverine, and received an adamantium-coated skeleton. Sabretooth hated the Weapon Plus Program just as much as Wolverine, and eventually he even worked his way up in ranks just so he could empower the mutant community in other countries and help them rise up against their oppressors.

An eventual extension of the Weapon X program is able to hide from Wolverine and continue its experiments. They try and clone Wolverine multiple times to no avail. Finally, a breakthrough (or so it seems) leads to the creation of  X-23, Laura Kinney, long thought to be a successful clone of Wolverine. They tortured X-23 her entire childhood, until she eventually learned to break free from their mind manipulation and chemical control. She is also imbued with an adamantium skeleton.

Weapon XIV

Emma Frost is one of the most powerful telepaths in the world. She is so powerful, in fact, that as the Weapon Plus Program continued, they decided to clone her and create what are affectionately known as the Stepford Cuckoos. The program generated a vast number of these clones, called the Thousand-In-One, most of which lay dormant in the cloning facility.

Individually, these Frost clones were not particularly powerful. In groups, however, their telepathic abilities and strong mental links allowed for telepathic feats unlike anything ever seen before. They also have their mother’s diamond form abilities. Five clones (Phoebe, Esme, Sophie, Mindee, and Celeste Cuckoo) were sent to study under Charles Xavier and spy on him at the X-Mansion. Only three would make it through the dangerous escapades.

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Who is your favorite character molded by the Weapon Plus Program?