#GroguAndYou — Share How The Child Fits in Your Life

There’s no denying that Grogu™ is a household name. This adorable asset melted hearts in the first season of Star Wars™: The Mandalorian™, and continues to arrest our attention in every episode of the hit Disney+ television series. But did you know that there’s a way to bring the Child into your life, not just on your screen?

Sideshow’s The Child Life-Size Figure, created in collaboration with Legacy Effects, is available NOW and he’s all you need to complete your clan. Meticulously recreated from head to toe, this incredibly lifelike Grogu statue will feel like another member of your family in no time!

Once you’ve secured the asset, we want to see your best pictures of this lovable collectible. The Child belongs out there exploring the galaxy, so we want to see how he fits into your little slice of the universe.

Using #GroguAndYou, we want YOU to share your photos with the Grogu Life-Size Figure — not just sitting on a shelf, but out and about, with pets, in your yard, at the dinner table, anywhere you want. The props and places you use can go as far out as the Razor Crest™. The universe is your studio!

Share your portraits of the Child on any of your social media profiles using #GroguAndYou. We encourage you to get creative for a chance to be featured on our website as well as other Collector Community campaigns.

Need examples of how to bring the Child into your life? Find some of our favorite photos shared below.

Grogu and You

Michelle and Grogu (left) are seen rocking the color green, and Luis and Grogu (right) come in peace! Take a selfie with your Child today, or take him adventuring into the wilderness like Patty (below).

Grogu and Pets

Grogu is fuzzy, and you have furry friends — sounds like the purrfect combination to us. (Just… keep him away from your frogs.)

Whether Grogu is feline fine in his comfy brown robes or getting some puppy love, we think he looks right at home with his new buddies.

Grogu and Nature

There’s so much green in the galaxy. Let this little one roam to his — and your — heart’s content.

Thank you to everyone who has shared their photos with us so far! We cannot wait to see where else you’ll take the Child with #GroguAndYou.

Do you have any adorable pics with everyone’s favorite asset? Make sure to submit them via side.show/howtoshare or on your own social media channels using #GroguAndYou for a chance to be featured! This is the way.