Justice League Gift Guide: Truth, Justice, & the Giving Way

The gifting season is upon is! And if you’re here, it means you need a few gift ideas to get you started. Also, if you’re here, you’re either a geek or have a family and friend group full of ’em. As geeks, we totally understand. Finding the perfect gift is harder than Darkseid’s Anti-Life Equation!

That’s why we’re here to make shopping a little easier with this helpful Justice League Gift Guide. Below, browse a curated list of DC Comics collectibles, from Justice League statues to powerful keepsakes, perfect for treating yourself and/or the DC fans in your life.

Batman Premium Format™ Figure

For those in your life who prefer the shadows, try the Batman Premium Format Figure by Sideshow. The black velvet cape can be posed in the most dramatic way, and Batman himself broods better than he ever has before. Looming over the Narrows, an intense location from Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins (2005), this statue is a stunning centerpiece for any high-end collection. Knock your friends out of Gotham City Park when you send it their way.

Superman Maquette

Close your eyes. Picture the most inspiring person in your life. They are strong, brave, and always ready to lend a hand to you — or anyone — in need. Now open your eyes and go check out the Superman Maquette by Tweeterhead because the person you pictured is totally deserving of the most super gift you could possibly give. This impressive DC Comics statue will surely stand as resolute and sturdy as your honored recipient.

Wonder Woman Figure

Power, grace, wisdom, and wonder. These are the four qualities your friend or family member must possess to receive the Golden Armor Wonder Woman (Deluxe) Sixth Scale Figure by Hot Toys. If your loved one fits this list, you better fly — not walk — to this item’s page during the most wonderful time of the year. Wonder Woman will surely shine among your DC collectibles, holiday decorations, retro ’80s stuff, and more.

Mera Statue

As the cold months settle in, you need a way to keep warm. Well, you can bring some summer to your chilliest pals with this Mera Bishoujo Statue by Kotobukiya. Glistening water swirls around this vivacious Atlantean, making it seem as though the sun shines on her graceful form. Finally, Mera’s vibrant red hair and glittering gold crown emphasize that coveted seasonal sensation.

Green Lantern Coin

If your collector friends have limited space, you might need smaller gifts. We recommend the Green Lantern Logo 1 oz Silver Coin by New Zealand Mint. Whoever you give it to will feel as though they’ve just gained their own Green Lantern ring, and can proudly call themselves a member of the Lantern Corps. Plus, now all of their will power can go into crafting the perfect 2023 Halloween costume to match this insignia.

Justice never takes a day off. That’s why these Justice League collectibles will make sure your collection is taken care of, all day every day! If you’re still unsure which heroes (or villains) to select, take out the guesswork of gifting with the Sideshow Gift Card. Available as a physical or digital gift card, it’s the gift everyone will love. Plus, there are plenty more Sideshow Gift Guide categories to browse!

Which of these DC Comics collectibles will you be gifting to your friends and family this year? Share your best present picks with your online family at side.show/geekgroup, and don’t forget to Let Your Geek Sideshow!