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Walter Hamada Heads Paramount’s Horror

Paramount has entered a deal with the former head of DC Films, Walter Hamada. After leaving WB Discovery, he has officially joined Paramount to lead their horror genre films. There is no further news about Walter Hamada at this time.

Princess Diaries New Film

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Disney is set to make a new addition to their Princess Diaries series. Aadrita Mukerji, known for working on Reacher and Quantum Leap, will pen the script. Debra Martin Chase will return to produce the project. It is unclear whether or not Anne Hathaway will reprise her role at this time, but the outlet reports that it will be a continuation of the previous films, not a reboot.

BioShock Film Update

In an interview with Collider, director Francis Lawrence shared an update about Netflix’s BioShock film. He said that the film is “really true to the game itself,” and confirmed that he’s been working alongside game creator Ken Levine and Take-Two Interactive. There is no release date for BioShock at this time.

Star Wars: Andor New Episode

The newest episode of Star Wars: Andor™ premieres today. This episode, titled “Daughter of Ferrix,” will see Cassian™ making his next move as a fugitive once again. The penultimate episode of the first season of Star Wars: Andor is on Disney+ now.

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