An Unlikely Trio: Kier, Relic Ravlatch, Malavestros

The Court of the Dead is a massive world spanning ages and realms, with characters that come from every walk of life (and death). But these three are all quite … different. Odd, you might say, in their ranks. Perhaps you’ve never seen them stand together before. Perhaps it won’t be the last.

The Court-Toons Collectible Statue Set showcases Kier, Relic Ravlatch, and Malavestros. But what aligns these disparate mourners? Certainly they all come from the same world, and yet origin does not speak to their fate. Or does it? Come closer, for I will tell you exactly why these three characters appear together.


Each of these characters began their conscious existence in drastically different realms.

First there was Malavestros, the 13th Child of Death, The Alltaker. He is Spiritborn, meaning that he was created and raised within the Underworld. It has not always been so hospitable. It has not always welcomed laughter. And yet, somehow, Malavestros chooses to laugh. He is quite a bit of an outcast, even amongst his other siblings, who lead the Court of the Dead. He has been a comical observer since the very beginning stages of the rebellion. His perspective is twisted but always delightfully poignant.

Then there was Kier, an angel from the Celestial Realm. She was born a vestigial twin to a Valkyrie in Heaven, and she was cast out by the angels. It was there that she found herself wishing to die. And it was Death himself who found her, and brought her back to the Underworld. Once there, The Alltaker taught her to harness her strength, and with the help of the Court of the Dead, she became Death’s First Sword in the rebellion against the very realm that shunned her.

Finally, there was Relic Ravlatch, born as the human Robert “Bobby” Ravlatch in the Mortal Realm. Like all mortals, a reaper came to claim him upon his natural death. And yet, resilient and stubborn as a bull, Ravlatch refused to die. Even The Alltaker himself could not take him from the Mortal Realm, so he offered him a deal: If Ravlatch could inhabit the form of the thirteenth Relic Knight, he could become Death’s Paladin. And so he took the challenge, and continues to be The Alltaker’s eyes and ears, serving as a quest knight.


Each origin is complex in its own right. Each of them so removed from the others. And yet, beyond their origins, there are more differences still.

Relic is relentless in his tasks. He will dive into battle simply for the chance to battle. Though he has great experience as a general from wars in the mortal realm, the threats in the Underworld are often tenfold. And yet he is undeterred. He spends his time wandering the farthest reaches of the Underworld, searching for secrets from the Celestial Realm. He is trusted with secretive tasks that only Death himself would know.

Malavestros spends much of his time singing and dancing through the Underworld. He chats with any number of mourners, especially those who are lost. He resides primarily in the Hushhyde, the Monastery of Malavestros. It is there that he and many fostermurden help lost souls find themselves again. He may never have a straight forward conversation with you, but he is never lost in the clouds. He is, in fact, eerily focused.

Kier searches the realm for any remnants of Celestial forces. She has personally taken down more demons and angels within the Underworld than most mourners could even fathom. She has a throne of their skulls, and she takes pleasure in defeating them. Her rage seeps into the pigment of her skin, growing along with her ire. She seeks out revenge against the Celestials, and she awaits the rebellion against them.


They could not be more different. But in those differences, there are undeniable connections.

Each of them are outcasts. Kier hardly fits in with the Spirit Faction, despite being their de facto leader. She needs Spirit’s philosophy to become her best self, but she often falls into habits of rage and thoughtless action. Relic Ravlatch has always been an outsider, so much so that his only friends are the sentient weapons and artifacts he carries with him. Malavestros is often such an outcast that the other children of Death forget that he is one of them. And yet, none of them are alone.

Death has a personal connection with each of them. While many mourners interact with the many systems of the Court of the Dead, these mourners speak directly to The Alltaker, and receive instructions from him. Kier is his first sword. Relic is his paladin. And Malavestros … well, we’re not certain about him.

Most importantly, each of these characters believes in the rebellion. They serve in unconventional ways, but their dedication is pure and true. They are extremes in a world full of uncertainty because they know exactly what they want, and they work together to get it. Perhaps, even now, they are on a mission, together. A direct mission from The Alltaker. But we wouldn’t know because there are secrets that reach back far before the beginning of The Underworld.

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