Gift Ideas for Marvel Fans

As the time for gift giving approaches, the Sideshow Gift Guides have you covered when it comes to pop culture. And everyone has that person in their life who loves anything Marvel (or maybe that person is you!). That’s why we’ve created this Marvel Holiday Gift Guide for the 2021 season. From X-Men to Avengers, find something unique for any fan, whether they love comics or are an avid moviegoer.

After browsing through our selections below, you’ll be worthy of picking out Earth’s mightiest present for your friends and family. All these featured items are available now and ready to ship so you can be a holiday hero this year! Just remember β€” with great gifting comes great responsibility.

Stan Lee Deluxe 1:10 Scale Statue

Pay homage to the man who started it all with this lifelike deluxe statue from Iron Studios. Stan Lee does the signature Spidey pose as he stands with atop a Marvel-themed based that features an Iron Man helmet, Thor’s hammer Mjolnir, Captain America’s shield, and a box with the X-Men logo. Excelsior!

Symbiote Spider-Man Premium Format™ Figure

Speaking of everyone’s favorite webslinger, this Sideshow version of Spider-Man has fallen under the sway of the Klyntar symbiote and donned the iconic “Black Suit.” Perched atop a gothic tower, it’s a darker, edgier version of Peter Parker than we normally see … and it’s the perfect brooding addition to any friendly neighborhood collection.

Kitty Pryde and Lockheed Q-Fig Elite

It’s more than a phase! Also known as Shadowcat, Kitty Pryde has been a valued member of the X-Men for decades, fighting Sentinels and any other threats to mutants. With her trusty companion Lockheed, this Kitty figure from Quantum Mechanix is ready to team up with Colossus and get shift done.

Nano Gauntlet (Movie Promo Edition)

Do you ever wish you could just snap your fingers and rearrange reality? Well, with Hot Toys’ Nano Gauntlet from Avengers: Endgame, we’re not saying you can but … it’s also worth a shot. Some things are just inevitable, like playing around with the awesome articulation on this detailed replica.

Captain Marvel Exclusive Edition Statue

No star is out of reach when you have Carol Danvers at your side, and this Captain Marvel statue from Sideshow’s Avengers Assemble Collection shows Carol at her best β€” she is the boss of space, after all. For an extra boost of photon power, this exclusive edition also features an alternate portrait with Captain Marvel’s iconic mohawk. Higher, further, faster!

Marvel Comics: Cooking with Deadpool

Talk about a hot dish! The Merc with a Mouth might also be known as the Hitman of Hunger with this delicious cookbook published by Insight Editions. Pages of recipes let you wade through Deadpool’s favorite foods (chimichangas, anyone?) and for dessert, you can satisfy that sweet tooth with the Deadpool: One Scoops designer collectible toy.

Taskmaster Premium Format™ Figure

Before Black Widow faced off against Antonia Dryekov as Taskmaster, there was Tony Masters. The original Taskmaster is a legendary enemy of the Avengers who can instantly mimic the fighting style of anyone who crosses him. Bring home an entire Avengers-busting arsenal with this mixed media statue by Sideshow β€” just be sure not to get on his bad side.

Shang-Chi Bracelet

Directly inspired by the prop from Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, this brass bracelet from RockLove is complemented with copper finishing touches and comes in three sizes. Like Shang-Chi and Wenwu, you can wield the power of the rings with a flick of the wrist. This geek jewelry is the perfect blend of fun and functional when it comes to wearing your fandom for all to see!

Mystique Fine Art Print

Blue skin, red hair, yellow eyes … and deadly aim every time. The Mystique Fine Art Print by Darren Tan features the mutant whose true face is as elusive as her true intentions. In this impressive portrait, Mystique’s latest undercover mission seems to be a marvelous success. Available framed, unframed, and in an HD aluminum metal print format, you can transform your collection just as easily as Ms. Darkholme herself.

Are you considering any of these geeky gifts for the upcoming fall and winter holidays? Let us know in the comments, and don’t forget to Let Your Geek Sideshow!