Marvel Studios Moon Knight Trailer Breakdown & Analysis

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Marvel’s newest Moon Knight trailer is here. The Disney+ series follows the titular vigilante Moon Knight. By day he’s Marc Spector, played by Oscar Isaac (Star Wars™, X-Men: Apocalypse, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse), who suffers from a serious sleeping disorder as well as a severe case of dissociative identity disorder. However, as the new trailer shows, Marc isn’t Marc when we meet him.

Let’s analyze all the mysteries, magical moments, and more that make up the latest Moon Knight footage.

Staying Awake

The trailer opens with Marc lying alone in bed. He is listening to a tape recording that welcomes him to a “Staying Awake” program. He plays with a Rubik’s cube. A fade to black cuts to a montage of Marc locking and sealing his front door with duct tape, then chaining his ankle to his bedpost.

In Marc’s voiceover narration, he tells us he can’t tell the difference between his waking life and dreams. Then, he launches screaming out of his bed in completely different clothes than when we saw him go to sleep. There’s a thick ring of sand at the foot of his bed. In Marvel comics, Marc Spector is left for dead in a desert before being revived by the moon god Khonshu.

The sand seems real, but where did it come from? This trailer definitely leads us to believe Moon Knight’s timeline might not be so linear, and its protagonist probably can’t always be trusted to give us the straightforward truth.


In the Moon Knight trailer, Marc is scattered and frantic. He’s seen chasing after his commute bus, but then falls asleep on it. Is he an insomniac, or has he been stopping himself from sleeping? Or has he been sleeping, but his body has been taken over by other personalities who are using his energy?

Marc goes to his job at a museum, where an Ancient Egypt exhibit is on display. He’s mocked by a coworker, who calls him “bloody useless.” She also calls him Stevie, and he insists it’s Steven. In the comics, Steve Grant is one of Marc’s other personalities.


When Marc/Steve returns home, he’s plagued by images in his mirrors. In the darkness, his reflection flashes to the mummy-like Moon Knight costume — or is it Khonshu himself? In the next sequence, Marc sees the specter in other people, including an innocent old lady.

Continuing the mirror motif, Marc heads to the museum alone at night. He looks at his reflection, then moves away. Multiple images of himself remain, each with a slightly different expression on their faces.

In what seems to be the museum archives, or a library, Marc discovers an old, ringing flip phone. He picks it up despite the unknown caller ID. A woman answers. She’s enraged and relieved, expressing shock that he’s alive before asking what’s wrong with him. The real chill-inducing moment? She calls him Marc, and he doesn’t understand why she thinks that’s his name.

Will this inspire Marc to search for answers? The shots that follow this part of the trailer suggest as much.

Randall Spector

Next we get our first glimpse at Ethan Hawke (The Purge, Knives Out 2) as what appears to be Randall Spector. The charismatic man seems like either a cult leader or someone who’s worshipped in some aspect. In the comics, Randall worships the Egyptian moon deity Khonshu and is gifted impenetrable skin and super-human strength. Also, he’s Marc’s brother, and the mercenary who left Marc to die in the desert. Talk about a complicated family history.

The two meet and talk. It’s unclear if Marc/Steve knows who Randall is to him. Randall tells Marc, “There’s chaos in you” before we cut to a flashy sequence of Marc beating his hands against his face while standing inside what could be a mental health institution.

Moon Knight

After we leave Randall, we watch Marc speed through a canyon in a multi-colored truck. When we make it to the driver’s seat, we see him stare, confused and upset, at a pistol in his hand. Clearly unsure how it got there, he drops it and then looks into the back of the truck. He’s being pursued by black cars, and a man is falling out of the open door. In the next instant, Marc himself screams as he falls off the canyon.

The scream echoes, and echoes. We jump to a sunset-drenched pyramid and Marc, bleeding, inside a candlelit room. White light flashes as we move to speedy shots of Marc running, a bag clutched in his arms, the shadow of Moon Knight’s weapon at his feet. We get more layered mirrors while Randall narrates, “Embrace the chaos.”

Either Marc has fully embraced the chaos, or it’s taken over, because out on the streets we see the Moon Knight costume wrap around him.

Next, we see some familiar footage from Disney+ Day. The vigilante Moon Knight beats some people to a pulp in a bathroom, with not even the infrastructure around them spared in his rampage.

Finally, the moment we’ve been waiting for: costume reveal! Moon Knight stands and turns in a close-up profile of the hero. His eyes glow, and we see two separate moon icons on the all-white, bandage-textured suit. After he’s done here, Moon Knight vanishes into the night to vault over various rooftops, in pursuit of whoever his next target might be.

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