Spider-Man Comic Book Art Sells for Millions

Spider-Man has been busy lately. First he saved the Avengers from zombies. Then he shattered the Marvel multiverse, uniting separate super hero trilogies (as well as streaming series) into one cinematic experience. And now, he’s worth millions!

In addition to Spider-Man: No Way Home‘s record-breaking box office numbers, both domestically and internationally, a piece of the wall-crawler’s past caught the eye of collectors at an auction in Dallas. On Thursday, January 13, 2022, the first day of Heritage Auctions’ recent comic book event, a single page of original Spider-Man artwork by Mike Zeck sold for $3.36 million.

Spider-Man artwork from Secret Wars #8

The Spider-Man artwork is from a 1984 comic book that shows Peter Parker’s first encounter with the Klyntar symbiote. At the time, this organic mass of black goo was a mystery substance, but it had already been in existence for a while. This shape-shifting alien organism is the same symbiote that would later bond with Eddie Brock to form Venom.

But before Venom’s madness was unleashed upon the world, Spider-Man was the first to bond with the symbiote. The result? A fancy new black suit.

At the end of Secret Wars #8, Spider-Man’s new look was revealed — a sleek black-and-white version of his signature Spidey-suit that hints at the neighborhood hero taking a less-than-friendly turn. Notably, this was also the first time Peter Parker wore anything as Spider-Man besides his famous reds and blues. Fans, when given a preview of Spidey’s new suit, actually wrote in to Marvel asking them not to change his costume. Since the idea was already in place, the writers forged a storyline in which the costume would be its own sentient being, a force of evil that Spider-Man would have to battle.

What are the Secret Wars?

From 1984 to 1985, across 12 issues, Secret Wars pitted Marvel’s heroes and villains against each other in a giant crossover event. The Avengers, the X-Men, most of the Fantastic Four, along with individual heroes like Spider-Man, Spider-Woman, and She-Hulk, were assembled by the Beyonder. This cosmic entity plucked some of the most recognized names from Earth and dropped them onto Battleworld, a planet created specifically for the heroes and villains to fight against each other.

During the Secret Wars, many future Marvel stories and team lineups would be impacted. Spider-Man of course gave the Klyntar symbiote its first taste of super hero symbiosis (after rejecting Deadpool due to his insanity), leading to the creation of a classic Spider-Man villain, Venom. Likewise, She-Hulk’s enemy Titania is introduced and the Fantastic Four’s Ben Grimm gains the ability to shift back into his human form. He decides to explore space for a while, which brings She-Hulk into the Fantastic Four team as his replacement.

Previously, Incredible Hulk #181 held the bidding record for comic book art in the United States at $657,250. This 1974 issue is famous for teasing the first appearance of Wolverine. Now that record has more than quintupled by this piece of Spider-Man artwork.

The Secret Wars left a lasting impression on Marvel comics, establishing the popularity of huge event comics as well as altering the course for many prominent heroes and villains. With that in mind, it makes sense that a rare Spider-Man page of his first appearance in the symbiote suit would sell for $3.36 million. J. Jonah Jameson could never.

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