May the 4th- Han and Chewie Best Bromantic Moments

Although he may prefer to go Solo, they’re better in a pair.

Han Solo and his trusty co-pilot Chewbacca have one of the deepest bromances in the Star Wars galaxy. The smuggler and the Wookiee make a formidable pair as they race across the stars in the Millennium Falcon and end up helping the Rebellion to victory against the Empire. They have been with one another through thick and thin, from Carbonite freezing to taking back the Falcon.

As Star Wars Collectibles fans, we’re taking a look at one of our favorite friendships from a galaxy far far away. Here are some of the highlights from Han and Chewie throughout the Star Wars saga.

“Laugh it up, fuzzball.”

A good friend always has your back. Still, Chewie can’t resist getting a laugh at Han’s expense after Leia calls him “laser brain” on Hoth. Chewbacca offers no backup as the princess expertly shuts down Han’s smug smile. So much for the support, fuzzball!

Chewie grooms Han after his Carbonite freeze.

The stasis-blinded Han Solo is quickly recaptured after Leia frees him from his Carbonite block. After he gets thrown into a holding cell with Chewie, the Wookiee quickly takes to grooming his scruffy-looking friend. While Han seems less than pleased, it’s a loving gesture.

Han Solo borrows Chewbacca’s bowcaster.

In their appearance in The Force Awakens, although Chewie and Han are older, they’re just as close as ever. When the Rathtars that were being smuggled on the Falcon escape, Han asks to borrow the Wookiee’s bowcaster to fire off a few quick shots so they can make a getaway.

“Oh really, you’re cold?”

As Han, Chewie, and Finn prepare to sneak into the Starkiller base, the old smuggler quickly dismisses Finn’s fantasy of how the Force works. As they stand out in the snow arguing, the walking carpet Wookiee complains of the cold. Han’s sarcastic comment definitely shows the humor in their friendship.

Chewbacca has to watch Han being frozen in Carbonite.

Though he’s not much for words, Chewie has a lot of love in his heart for his best friend. When Darth Vader orders Han to be put in a Carbonite freeze on Bespin, the Wookiee immediately tries to save Han by attacking the Stormtroopers. He has to be restrained, with a hapless C-3PO stuck to his back, watching sadly as Han is frozen.

“Chewie, we’re home.”

This moment perfectly captures all of Han and Chewie’s friendship and the adventures they have been on throughout the years. In The Force Awakens, they discover the Falcon after it had been considered garbage on Jakku. With Chewie by his side, Han enters with his blaster ready to shoot (and shoot first) any intruders to their beloved spacecraft. “Chewie, we’re home,” got cheers and applause from audiences who felt that they were really home, seeing these beloved heroes return to the action.

There have been lots of amazing duos in the Star Wars universe, but the enduring friendship between Han and Chewie is truly legendary. Co-pilots to the bitter end, there have never been a team in the galaxy quite like the smuggler and the Wookiee.

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